5 Podcast Videos Worth Your Time

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5 Podcast Videos Worth Your Time

On today’s episode, I’m talking about five videos on the Castos YouTube page, which will help streamline the podcasting process. It doesn’t matter if you’re a podcasting veteran or if you’re new to the podcasting world, there’s information in there for everyone. I hope you find these five videos helpful. 

If you have any questions about this episode or want to get some of the resources we mentioned, head over to Castos.com/podcast. And as always, if you’re enjoying the show please share it with someone who you think would enjoy it as well. Thank you so much! 

Today you’ll learn about:

  • Five YouTube videos that will help new podcasters:
    • Creating a podcast checklist using Notion templates
    • The ins-and-outs of Auphonic 
    • A 2020 guide to podcast equipment
    • How you can use Canva to edit a podcast brief 
    • Elementor Templates using Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress Plugin


Castos’ YouTube channel

Design a podcast brief using Canva   


Podcast Equipment Guide 2020  

Elementor Templates using Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin 

Use Auphonic to make your podcast sound better  

Podcast Checklist using Notion 

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