6 Ways to be a better podcast guest

6 Ways to be a better podcast guest

Chances are, if you’re listening to this episode, you produce a podcast. There’s a 90% chance that podcast is an interview show. There’s a 50% chance you’ve had a guest on said show that made you exhale a gigantic w-t-f was that when the conversation stopped.

We’ve all had that guest. They sounded good on paper, but when you hit record, the whole vibe fell flat.

So, the mission for today: share this episode with your potential guest. Because, dear guest, my friend the podcaster here wants the best show possible.

Here are 6 ways to be a better podcast guest.

Number 1: Do some research

Spend some time researching the podcast you’re going to be on. Listen to an episode that catches your eye. Read the show notes from the guest interview before you. Heck, download the transcripts and breeze through how our podcaster frames questions.

Anything is better than nothing at all. Especially if you were one of those guests that used a booking agency to get you on the show.

Number 2: Bring the energy but not too much

Be excited to share your story or lesson or moment.

You don’t have to over emphasize everything, or even feel like you’re putting on a performance. Working off of the energy of the host is key, match them to where they are in _their_ performance.

We don’t want answers to silently fade out. It’s like eating the empty calories of a bagel. I’ll probably get some hate mail for that, but the idea is to deliver on your promise. We’re all sharing this precious time together.

Number 3: Say no to AirPods

Never. Use. Airpods. On. A. Podcast. Interview. Ever.

If you plan on appearing across more podcasts, which by the way is great for your brand, invest in a decent USB microphone. The Samson Q2u is a great 60-80 microphone that plugs in via USB.

Number 4: Good lighting for video

Look, I won’t tell you to invest in a Mirrorless camera that plugs into usb through a HDMI converter or has native USB-C streaming support, just check your lighting.

You might be anchored to your laptop webcam or one fixed to the center of an iMac, and that’s okay, just make sure we can see you. Not too dark, not blown out, play with the lighting in your room if our podcaster is indeed using video.

Bonus points: Buy a USB webcam and a cheap desktop monopod mount to find the best permanent angle. And why not? We’re all on web calls these days.

Number 5: Value

Stick to delivering value for the audience.

Give them your best stuff, not your best backstory. Even if our friendly podcaster isn’t doing their job to will it out of you, just know, that’s what the audience wants. Your expert opinion, action, or take on the subject matter they are there for.

And FYI, I’m strictly thinking about the typical b2b interview show here. Other genre’s of shows might require a different softskill or emotion. Your mileage may vary.

Bonus number 6: A call to action

Hey, you’re in this for you too right?

Have a solid call to action. Where can you send people after you appear on a podcast? Can you give them more information? A way to connect? A place to learn more about you or your brand.

Come equipped with a URL or a download to extend the relationship. Its best for everyone.

I could go on with more tips and tricks to be a better guest, but these six ideas lay a solid foundation that put you on the path to being a better guest on a podcast — especially if this is your first time.

Back to you podcaster: want to make sure this gets across to your guest? Aside from sharing this episode with them, start scheduling pre-interviews. It’s like stretching before a 3 mile run. You’ll be better off you did!

Okay, it’s outro time.

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