AI Writing, Podcasting, and Tech. A Trio for Future Marketers? – with Deirdre Tshien

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AI Writing, Podcasting, and Tech. A Trio for Future Marketers? - with Deirdre Tshien

In this episode of Creative Architects, host Angela Hollowell talks with Deidre Tshien, co-founder and CEO of Capsho. Capsho is an AI-powered content marketing tool for entrepreneurs who podcast, vlog, or livestream.

Integrating AI with creative practices has become more and more commonplace. With the integration of AI into the podcast marketing workflow, how do we make the creator the center of their stories? Angela and Deirdre discuss how marketing extends beyond podcasters to YouTubers as well in the age of video podcasting, how to avoid the podfade phenomenon, and how making 6-figures from her coaching business in 1 year really opened her eyes to the benefits of marketing your podcast well. The conversation ends with Deirdre’s biggest tip for creators wanting to start their own tech company or SaaS platform.

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The Creative Architects podcast is brought to you by Castos Productions, and hosted by Angela Hollowell – a visual storyteller and creative producer with a passion for the outdoors, human rights, and creative entrepreneurship. Angela is also the host of the Honey & Hustle video podcast. Creative Architects is a space where thought leaders in the creator economy who have taken their success to the next level. Join us to hear their stories and connect.

Discussion Points:

  • Deirdre and her journey to Capsho
  • Many podcasters stop after seven episodes
  • Positive stories from users
  • Built by marketers, Capsho is not cheap because it’s extremely valuable
  • Investing in your future self
  • Advice for past Deirdre ‘if she knew then’….
  • AI and creativity – the pushback
  • The ongoing iterations of Capsho


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