Audience Re-Air: Realism in Audio Fiction

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3 Clips
Audience Re-Air: Realism in Audio Fiction

Also we’re working on a story about the use of stock media in podcasting. Do you use stock media for your projects? If so, What’s that experience been like? 

Do you create stock media to be used for others? We’d love to hear from you to learn about your experiences.  The good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. You can reach out to Stuart [email protected].

Inside This episode

Some of the best, most diverse and talented audio creators alive make their living creating audio fiction. Shows like Welcome to Nightvale, Limetown and Alice isn’t dead, just to name a few, weave complex story arcs, colorful characters and of course, great production value for listeners. We’re all lucky these shows exist. 

Northwoods Baseball Sleep Radio is firmly in the realm of audio fiction. But unlike most audio fiction, there are no supernatural elements, heroes, villains or any traditional story arc. In this podcast series, each episode is presented as a full length minor league baseball broadcast. The teams, the players, the sponsors, all of it is made up. The catch? There is none. It’s just nine innings of fictional baseball.

Created by a podcaster known only as Mr. King, Sleep Baseball is a work of fiction that feels very much like it’s a real broadcast. And if that seems boring, it’s the point. This “boring” show is resonating with listeners. Fans of the show support it through Ptareon and merch sales. It’s even been written up in The New Yorker. 

On this episode, Stuart and “Mr. King” chat about the inspiration for making the show, the process of producing fake baseball broadcasts and how listener support makes a project of this size financially viable.


Full Episodes and Merch:  sleepbaseball.com

A piece on Sleep Baseball in the New Yorker:  newyorker.com/culture/rabbit-holes/the-rapture-of-listening-to-a-fake-baseball-game

Connect your Podcast to Stripe with Castos:  castos.com/integrations/stripe/

***Between the time of this recording and the publishing date, legendary baseball broadcaster Vin Scully passed away. Read more HERE 


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