Facebook quits while podcast listenership on the rise

Facebook quits while podcast listenership on the rise

Stuart and Matt are back with some of the most impactful headlines in the podcasting space. Listen for a breakdown of how some of the big players in the space might impact your podcast. If you want us to cover a 


  • The company will stop creators adding podcasts to the service this week. They don’t plan to communicate the closure to Facebook users.


  • Top 50 shows in US


  • Top genres in US
  • This is more interesting to talk about, especially in the sense of how competitive a genre might be or how much you have to invest in making a better show.


  • Podcasting is attracting more new listeners than ever, according to new research. Over 50% of daily podcast listeners began listening in the last two years, says Nielsen’s Podcasting Today Report; which also says that the number of US listeners has grown by 40% in the past three years. The data suggests that podcast advertising drives an aided brand recall of 71%.
  • “When everything else feels like its going down…it’s nice to see something going up”


  • Podcast satisfaction peaked in 2016 and has since been declining steadily
  • Listeners rate older podcasts significantly lower than newer podcasts
  • But the average rating of new podcasts is slowly decreasing too
  • Larger shows tend to be rated lower than smaller shows

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