How to Talk to [Mamí & Papí ] About Anything: IP Extensions, Intuition, & Process (ft. Juleyka Lantigua-Williams)

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How to Talk to [Mamí & Papí ] About Anything: IP Extensions, Intuition, & Process (ft. Juleyka Lantigua-Williams)

Juleyka has worked behind the scenes in various capacities on many hit shows, including 70 Million, Latina to Latina, Driving the Green Book, Marvel’s Voices, Code Switch, and more

Her depth of experience merged in a flash to become one of her newest hits: How to Talk to [Mamí & Papí] About Anything. The show went from idea to launch in just three weeks, but of course it took Juleyka’s years of work in podcasting to make something like that possible.

This show is personal, which is why Juleyka cast herself in a role she wouldn’t normally choose: she’s the show host and narrator. How to Talk to [Mamí & Papí] About Anything addresses issues that adult children of immigrant parents may have a hard time talking to their parents about. Juleyka herself is from the Domincan Republic and moved to the US when she was 10, so she makes the perfect stand-in for her audience, because she is the audience.

In each episode, a guest shares a testimonial of an issue they face, and this is followed by an interview between Juleyka and an expert in the field, where they discuss the issue at hand. Most importantly, the show is resonating with listeners.

In this episode, join 3 Clips host and Marketing Showrunners founder Jay Acunzo as he talks with Juleyka Lantigua Williams about the large and small choices that make How to Talk to [Mamí & Papí] About Anything a success – and how it was the perfect combination of Juleyka following her well-honed instincts and tapping into her high tolerance for risk that made it happen.


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How to Talk to [Mamí & Papí] About Anything can be found here: https://www.talktomamipapi.com/

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