Introducing Our New Director of Podcaster Success


Introducing Our New Director of Podcaster Success

A few episodes back we mentioned Matt Medeiros, our new Director of Podcaster Success. With a few days as part of the team under his belt, we’re welcoming Matt as the official co-host of Audience.

The purpose of our interview today is to give you an inside look at how Matt plans to take our customer’s shows to the next level. To define what the heck a “Director of Podcaster Success” means and why his background uniquely positions Matt as an authority on all things podcasting and WordPress.

To break the ice, listen to the full episode to familiarize yourself with our team’s newest voice and point of view.

Who is Matt Medeiros?

You’re going to be hearing Matt’s voice a lot more going forward. But why should you trust the things he has to say? Well, there are a few good reasons.

Starting from the beginning, Matt’s family owned local car dealerships in the Massachusetts area for over 50 years. But rather than try to mimic the big guys, they started with a family-oriented approach. For them, success was making sure they were positive contributors to their community. That’s where Matt’s roots in business, sales, marketing, and support were laid.

Fast forward a few years, after Matt started a WordPress agency and worked as a sale person for a WordPress hosting company, he solidified himself as an expert on the open-source software. While hustling in the WordPress community, he also started creating podcasts about his passions for entrepreneurship and building connections with his community.

His success podcasting is what lead to new opportunities like this job with Castos, connecting with major voices across multiple industries, and amplifying brands from his own circle of content creators. And somehow along the way, he found time to launch a successful YouTube channel with more Wordpress tutorials designed to help business owners create better sites.

If you have a question about marketing, podcasting, YouTubing, building relationships, or finding your unique voice, chances are Matt has an idea for you.

Check out Matt’s other podcasts, The Matt Report and South Coast FM.

Where is Audience headed now that Matt is onboard?

From the start of the show, Audience has been a mixture of formats. We’ve recorded in-depth interviews with industry authorities like Tom Webster, Galen and Ashley from the Bello Collective, Rachel Corbett, or Jeff Umbro. We’ve dabbled in producing This American Life-esque episodes including our conversations about how to craft a narrative. And we’ve tried monologue formats to explain the finer points behind podcasting best practices like 4 ways to create a video podcast and the best podcast setups.

With Matt no onboard, we’re ready to expand what Audience has to offer. We’re looking to transform our monologue episodes into conversations between Matt and Craig and interview Castos customers for our new Creator Spotlight series. Plus, we plan to add new segments that feature behind-the-scenes looks at how successful podcasters create their shows, bite-sized tips to repurpose for your podcast, and interviews with other types of content creators like YouTubers.

We also want to start branching out to other podcasting topics like live streaming, how to create a membership site, and how a podcast can improve other parts of your business.

In short, be on the look out for content, content, and more content.

So, what does a Director of Podcaster Sucess do?

At the broadest level, anyone hired in a success-type role are there to be the first touch to educate potential customers on the value of a product. In our world, that means fielding questions about how to start a podcast, providing educational resources, and highlighting the Castos features that are designed to help customers succeed.

Getting even more detailed, Matt’s role is also there to help beginners surpass common hurdles that hold new content creators back. Growth struggles, monetization conundrums, and marketing puzzles are all topics we plan to cover across everything that Matt touches. Not just Audience episodes but also through blog articles, live steams, and informational Youtube videos so you have a huge content library at your fingertips.

And the best part is, Matt has the same affinity towards creating one-to-one relationships with our customers as the rest of our team. Get in touch via email (we mean it!) or set up a consulting call to speak directly with someone from Castos. The personal connections we make with fellow podcasters is the basis of our brand’s mission. With Matt onboard, we now have one more expert available to bring your show to the next level.

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