Making a Living (3Clips Archive)

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Making a Living (3Clips Archive)

On this episode of the Audience podcast, we’re diving into the archives to show you an older but important episode of the 3 Clips Podcast called, “Making a Living in Podcasting.” This episode was hosted by the 3 Clips original host, Jay Acunzo with business partners Kinsey Grant and Josh Kaplan as guests. 

3 Clips is a show that focuses on the craft of podcasting. It showcases specific podcasts in each episode and breaks down their processes, three clips at a time. 

In this episode, Jay talks with Kinsey and Grant about what it takes to turn your podcasting passion into a successful career. Instead of dissecting their podcast and the process they use to create the show, Jay talks with them about their passion and career and how they’ve melded those things together. 

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • Individual strengths and weaknesses as podcasters
  • The myth of the solo creator
  • The development of the Thinking is Cool podcast
  • How they leveraged their brand for sponsorships
  • Showcasing ad content and sponsors through various mediums (including podcasting)
  • Finding a healthy balance between selling everything and being too discriminatory with ads
  • Disagreements with partners
    • Strengths and weaknesses as partners
  • Vetting creative (behind the scenes) people and building a great team
  • Self-worth as a podcaster and putting your ambitions into perspective
  • The difference between a creator and an entrepreneur


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