Making a Living in Podcasting (ft. Kinsey Grant and Josh Kaplan of Thinking is Cool)

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3 Clips
3 Clips
Making a Living in Podcasting (ft. Kinsey Grant and Josh Kaplan of Thinking is Cool)

3 Clips is a show about the craft of podcasting, and the passion behind that craft. But how do we translate that passion into income? On this special episode, business partners Kinsey Grant and Josh Kaplan help us answer this question. Kinsey is the host of Thinking is Cool, where she takes listeners deep into the key topics affecting their work and lives, to encourage us all to stop and think more critically about the nuances inside those ideas. She covers topics like drugs and why we do them, billionaires and whether they should exist, the concept of the girl boss, and the political system in the US and how we might fix it. Kinsey is also the Chief Content Officer of the startup that she co-founded, Smooth Operations and Creator Services, aka Smooth Ops. Josh Kaplan is the co-founder of Thinking is Cool and co-founder and CEO of Smooth Ops. He runs the business back end for Thinking is Cool, and works on revenue generating projects for independent creators, many of whom are podcasters too. In this episode of 3 Clips, Josh, Kinsey and Jay talk working relationships, going indie, the role of a journalist/host in podcast advertising, and more.


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Thinking is Cool can be found here: thinkingiscool.com

Learn more about Kinsey and Josh’s consulting firm for creators, Smooth Operations and Creator Services: smoothops.xyz

Kinsey Grant originally appeared on 3 Clips while in her previous job as host of Business Casual for Morning Brew. Listen to that episode here: 3clipspodcast.com/morning-brews-business-casual-how-to-interview-famous-overly-polished-guests-ft-kinsey-grant/

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This episode was produced by Andrea Muraskin. Learn more: andreamuraskin.com

Music for this episode was provided by Tyler Littwin.

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