Award-winning podcast producer Eric Johnson

Award-winning podcast producer Eric Johnson

Today Matt is talking with Eric Johnson from Bumblecast.FM. From winning the 2019 Podcast of the Year award to helping make original podcasts, Eric is a well-known and prominent podcast editor in the industry. His newest venture is Bumblecast.FM which is a business in the business of helping you with your podcast. They can either help you start a podcast of your own or can help your existing podcast. 

Eric has been in the digital media and podcasting field for over ten years. He’s worked at WTOP-FM, AllTHingsD, Mental Floss, and Vox Media. He produced Recode Decode with Kara Swisher which was named Podcast of the Year in 2019. 

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • What does Eric’s average production look like?
  • Quality of content versus quality of audio
    • Best practices for audio quality
  • The podcast ideas Eric hears the most
    • The True Crime …trend?
  • Advice for new hobbyists
    • “The Long Game” and “Short Term Experiments”
      • Twelve week pilot season
  • Bumblecast.FM’s vision
    • Originality, diversity, and passion
    • Keep podcasting weird
  • Joe Rogan’s success and mainstreaming podcasts on Spotify
  • Private or premium podcasting versus public podcasts
    • The ownership of content


Bumblecast.FM: https://bumblecast.fm/ 

Eric’s Twitter: @heyheyesj

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