Creating A Remote Creativity Platform With The Founders Of Squadcast.fm


Creating A Remote Creativity Platform With The Founders Of Squadcast.fm

Creating great sounding audio is the cornerstone of what constitutes a winning podcast. And there are many things that go into this: the right gear, the right techniques, great post-production, and a way to record that audio in an easy and high-quality manner.

And in this episode, we welcome Zach Moreno and Rock Felder, cofounders of Squadcast.fm to discuss this, and much more.

At their core, Zach and Rock from Squadcast have set out to create a platform in which creatives can record really high quality audio (and video soon) content for their audiences. Even with many of the remote communication tools that are available to many of us these days none has been focused solely on the quality of those pieces of content.

As a team that sees a lot of great content being recorded Rock and Zach emphasize the importance of a good microphone (like our favorites here) but also a practical approach to recording. This often includes considerations around the environment you’re recording in, potential for interruptions, and a bit of advance planning.

As at the time of this episode airing we’re all going through the Covid-19 pandemic that is gripping the world, Zach, Rock, and I discuss how we’re seeing Coronavirus affecting the podcasting industry. With unique perspectives on podcasters, we have all seen amazing new ways in which we can serve our customer base. Both from new people coming into the podcast space to enabling communities, medical professionals, and even governments to share information and inspiration with their audiences.

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