Scrappy Podcast Marketing Done Right | Grow Your Show or Newsletter Today – with Jeremy Enns

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Creative Architects
Creative Architects
Scrappy Podcast Marketing Done Right | Grow Your Show or Newsletter Today - with Jeremy Enns

In this episode of Creative Architects, host Angela Hollowell chats with Podcast Marketing Strategist & Educator Jeremy Enns, founder of Podcast Marketing Academy. The Academy features online courses (both cohort-based and self-paced) for podcasters looking to level up the marketing for their show. The podcasting industry severely lacks ‘organic discovery’ when looking to develop a marketing plan that is tailor-made for your show. Luckily, Jeremy has experience running a podcast production agency, and through in-depth surveys with his clients, he’s been able to uncover multiple paths to podcast marketing success and is teaching those strategies to other podcasters. 

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The Creative Architects podcast is brought to you by Castos Productions, and hosted by Angela Hollowell – a visual storyteller and creative producer with a passion for the outdoors, human rights, and creative entrepreneurship. Angela is also the host of the Honey & Hustle video podcast. Creative Architects is a space where thought leaders in the creator economy who have taken their success to the next level. Join us to hear their stories and connect.

Discussion Points:

  • Starting a newsletter during the pandemic
  • Jeremy’s path to his podcast production company 
  • Online business – an easier way to get clients
  • Finding a way to podcast marketing – with experience
  • Working with podcast clients began in 2015-16
  • Engagement – self-paced vs. cohort-based?
  • The changes podcasters experience after taking Academy courses
  • Cohort classes are becoming much easier after 3 years of practice


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