Social Audio: Clubhouse vs Twitter Spaces

Social Audio: Clubhouse vs Twitter Spaces

In this episode, Matt and Craig talk about using audio on different platforms. With the introduction of Clubhouse (an invite-only platform where users are able to have casual, drop-in audio-only conversations with one another), social audio is on the rise.

But what is social audio?

Will it replace podcasting?

Will your podcast have to compete with it?

Today, Matt and Craig talk about the pros and cons of social audio, the different platforms, how you can use it to supplement your podcast, and why “owning your audio” is so important.

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Today you’ll learn about:

  •  What is social audio? 
    • Will it replace podcasting or is it competition to podcasting?
    • What is Clubhouse?
    • What is Twitter Spaces?
  • Moments in time versus episodes you can download and listen to when you have time
  • Advantages of social audio
  • How to use social audio as a supplement to your podcast
  • Standing out in Clubhouse
  • Using Clubhouse to build your personal brand
  • Facebook Groups versus Twitter Spaces
  • Possible monetization using social audio
  • The importance of owning your audio



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YouTube video, “Clubhouse vs Twitter Spaces Alternatives

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