The Secret Adventures of Black People: Why Great Stories Hide in Plain Sight (ft. Nichole Hill)

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3 Clips
The Secret Adventures of Black People: Why Great Stories Hide in Plain Sight (ft. Nichole Hill)

Today’s featured podcast, The Secret Adventures of Black People, has a beautiful premise: that the everyday lives of Black people are extraordinary. But extracting and telling everyday stories in a way that sounds extraordinary takes intention, skill, and practice. Host and producer Nichole Hill’s storytelling style combines elements of fantasy, voyeurism, and comedy to create a show that peeks inside intimate moments in Black lives, and leaves the listener wanting more. In this episode, Nichole and Jay discuss how to interview to draw out stories, creating for yourself, and being vulnerable on the mic. Plus, tips on navigating the agonizing process of naming a new show and the trial-and-error process of making something that matters.


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The Secret Adventures of Black People can be found here: https://thesecretadventuresofblackpeople.com/

Follow The Secret Adventures of Black People host and producer Nichole Hill on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/SABPpodcast

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Follow 3 Clips host Jay Acunzo on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/jayacunzo/

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Special thanks to Lizzie Peabody for recommending The Secret Adventures of Black People. For more narrative podcast goodness, check out our episode on Lizzie’s podcast, Sidedoor from the Smithsonian Institution, right here: https://jayacunzo.com/3-clips?wchannelid=mkkamqxlvs&wmediaid=9ys46mjlr3, or wherever you listen to 3 Clips.

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