Welcome Apple & Spotify

Last updated on May 6th, 2021

Welcome Apple & Spotify

On this episode of the Audience podcast, Craig and Matt do a deep dive into the Apple and Spotify announcements about private podcasts, and discuss how it might affect the industry and the podcast creator economy. How will it affect creators? Would you rather “rent land” or “own your own property”? What does this mean for the future of podcasting? What are the pros and cons to monetization with a big company like Apple or Spotify?

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • Platform risk with podcasting
  • The importance of having control over your content
  • The announcements from Apple and Spotify
    • What this means for podcasters
    • The “easy button” to podcasting and monetization
    • The caveat to the Apple and Spotify private podcasts
  • “Renting land” versus “Owning your own property”
  • What is a content entrepreneur?
  • What podcasters should be wary of when they sign contracts with Apple or Spotify
  • How Craig and Matt would approach private podcasts and premium content for subscribers
  • Where you and your audience are located, and why it matters
  • The future of podcasting: private podcasts


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