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Podcast Episodes & Webinars

PH035: Office Hours: Edition 1

Today we’re presenting a segment we call “office hours” where we talk about a particular topic in the podcasting community as well as answer questions from everyone involved in the …

Product Developments & Releases

Improved Audience Insights

Today we released a much-anticipated update to our analytics platform that will result in clearer, more robust, and more flexible data for your podcasts. But before we dig into the …

how to record podcast episode

Podcast Episodes & Webinars

Castos Office Hours: Edition #1

Welcome to Castos Office Hours, our weekly webinar focused on answering your most pressing podcasting questions live. Everything from gear, launch plans, audience growth, to Castos feature updates, we’re covering …

Podcast Equipment

No BS Podcast Equipment Recommendations

Castos is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We may earn commissions from your purchases on, though at no cost to you. Technically you could record …

define podcast audience

Podcast Promotion

Define Your Ideal Listener

Before you can create content, it’s a good idea to know who you’re creating that content for. Defining your ideal podcast listener will give you the best shot at creating …