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10xTravel Uses a Castos Podcast to Humanize Their Brand (and Got 10,000 Listens in Just 3 Episodes)

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Challenge: 10xTravel needed a new top-of-funnel content medium that would drive people to their blog and humanize their brand. 

Solution: 10xTravel started a traditional podcast through Castos.  

Results: 10xTravel received 10,000 listens in their first week (just three episodes). They added a human element to their brand and differentiated themselves from similar companies. 

We spoke with Emily Jaeckel, Director of Customer Journey and Operations at 10xTravel.


10xTravel publishes a variety of content related to credit card rewards, personal finance, travel, and lifestyle to help you travel more while spending less. It launched in 2014 and has grown into a trusted resource in the travel space. Their content has been featured in multiple major news outlets and reaches hundreds of thousands of readers each month.

The Challenge

Connecting with their audience on a human level. 

There are a lot of travel and money-saving blogs on the web. They all recommend the same products and services, which can make it hard to stand out. 10xTravel needed a way to communicate with their audience in a personal way. They wanted to share stories and mistakes, but felt written text was insufficient. 

“Our industry is so commoditized. We’re promoting the same cards that every other points-and-miles blog is promoting, so we need a way to differentiate ourselves. If we can connect with people as humans, rather than the 10xTravel brand, maybe that will drive people to visit our site more than someone else’s. That’s why we chose to introduce a new format rather than double-down on something else we’re already doing.”

The Solution

A podcast that uses storytelling and personality to deliver advice.

10xTravel launched a podcast called Takeoff. They used the same strategies that made their Facebook group, email list, and free course so effective: human connections, honesty with their audience, and lots of back-and-forth engagement. 

“We were getting a lot of requests for an audio version of our course. But we thought, instead of reading our course out loud – which could be boring – why don’t we try our hand at podcasting? That could be a way to humanize ourselves.”

The Result

10,000 downloads in the first week.

Building a podcast takes time, but thanks to superb content and other channels to tap into (like 10xTravel’s Facebook group and email list), Takeoff exploded into the podcasting scene. 

“We’re really excited about [the podcast]. We’ve always been focused on the community aspect of our business, which is why I think our podcast has been successful so far. A lot of other companies in this space are like, ‘Here’s a new post about what you should be doing,’ whereas we can tell stories about our mistakes and explain why we’re experts in order to add a bit more personality to our brand.” 

When it came to the logistics of podcasting, Emily and the team knew they needed help. They could produce the content (that’s their specialty, after all), but they needed help with recording software, equipment, and editing. They used Castos’ launch service to set up their show, as well as Castos Productions to provide ongoing editing and support.

“We didn’t want to hire a dedicated person or freelancer for the launch. We knew we needed more help than an editor. We were always looking for a holistic option. Our relationship with Castos has been smooth-sailing.”

Learn More About 10xTravel

Visit 10xTravel to get  the best money-saving travel advice on the internet. Make sure to check out their podcast and enroll in their free step-by-step course to learn a proven system that can help you save money on travel.

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