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Churnkey Used Castos to Generate 2,000 Downloads in 4 Episodes and Create a Profitable New Deal Engine

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Challenge: Develop content that lives on and continually drives leads. 

Solution: Churnkey uses Castos to host, produce, and edit their podcast.

Results: 2,000 listens in just four episodes. Their podcast generates deals at the same rate as their blog and app integrations. 

We spoke with Scott Hurff, Chief Product Officer of Churnkey.


Churnkey is the only platform that fixes every type of churn for you. Their SaaS supercharges all aspects of customer retention, optimizing your company’s growth. They help you keep more customers with personalized cancel flows, recover failed payments, and inform customer-driven product development.

The Challenge

Developing long-lasting content that makes potential customers aware they exist while adding value to their lives. 

While direct sales plays a role in Churnkey’s marketing, they didn’t want it to be the only piece. They wanted a library of content that’s always available and always generating leads. Their goal was to compound their deal flow with each new piece of content. 

“The whole point of this was to create assets that will continue to live on. We could easily become a direct sales organization, but we wouldn’t be creating anything of value. We couldn’t reference anything or build authority over time because we’d just be cold emailing. There’s a role for that, but what we’re finding is that in this sales cycle, it’s all about timing. The person has to be ready to move forward. If I can make them aware we exist in a non-threatening way while adding value, we plant that seed. When they get internal buy-in, they know where to go.”

Churnkey knows how to produce great content, but they struggled with the particulars of producing a podcast. At one point, they hired an editor, but it didn’t work out.

“You saved me from pure pain. Castos rescued me!” 

The Solution

Since Churnkey already had a successful blog and social media presence, a podcast was the logical choice. They noticed a gap in the market they could fill easily, so they decided to test the waters with their new podcast, Subscription Heroes.

When it came to finding a partner (like Castos) to help produce their show, Churnkey limited their search to partners who could show evidence of great productions. They also wanted a partner who would communicate well.

“We were looking for someone who already had a good product, whether it was their own show or on other shows. Their content had to be quality; something we wanted to listen to. We also looked for tight communication and a willingness to make small edits. That’s exactly what we found with Castos.”

The Result

2,000 downloads in four episodes and a solid deal flow engine.

In their first four episodes, Subscription Heroes received more than 2,000 downloads. That type of growth is basically unheard of. Most importantly, their podcast produces as many leads for their software as their other content channels (their blog and social). This entirely new stream of leads has already created significant revenue above their podcasting costs

“Having the ability to talk to people who are doing interesting things and who are heroes of mine has been amazing. I’m learning stuff. Our audience is learning stuff. That’s going to live on in a really polished way. The fact that I look good and sound good, and that it’s really tightly done, and I just said, ‘Hey Castos, can you take care of this?’ is awesome. I could easily spend a week on each episode, just editing.”

Learn More About Churnkey

Churnkey handles every type of churn for you. And then some. With Churnkey, your team can supercharge all aspects of customer retention while optimizing your company’s growth. Keep more customers with user-friendly cancel flows, recover failed payments with their cutting-edge infrastructure, and inform customer-driven product development with AI-driven recommendations. 

Read their blog for insights on the subscription economy and Churnkey product updates. Check out their podcast to dive into stories of the heroes behind the world’s most successful subscription businesses.

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