PH028: Matt Medeiros of Matt Report

Last updated on December 13th, 2019

PH028: Matt Medeiros of Matt Report
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My guest today is a friend of mine, Matt Medeiros. Matt is known as the “WordPress guy” to many in his community and those of us who know him professionally. With the launch of WordPress 5.0, we discuss what the changes will mean for podcasters and WordPress users in general.  Even if you don’t plan on starting a podcast, WordPress is changing the game and worth looking into it.

As easy as it is, like your plug-in at Castos makes it to host these things, you should still take some time and go at this with some care and be ready for the journey of podcasting. It can be daunting. – Matt Click To Tweet

Podcasting is starting to level out in its popularity. However, there is a movement toward local podcasts. Matt hosts one of these shows, the Matt Report, a blog, and a podcast that discusses how to market your business digitally. The show has been running for six years!

Today’s highlights:

  • Why WordPress 5.0 is competing with platform page builders.
  • How Matt thinks the Gutenberg feature of WordPress 5.0 is going to change web hosting.
  • How Castos is adjusting the upcoming changes to the WordPress platform.
  • The Matt Report and its success.
  • The pros and cons of podcasting from a business standpoint.
  • How podcasting is similar to ham radio.
  • Why a local podcast can be useful to your business and community.
  • Matt’s tips for starting a local podcast.
  • How podcast helps promote you as an expert.
This podcast itself competes with Netflix, competes with Youtube, everybody is competing with one another in some degree or fashion for time and attention and awareness. – Matt Click To Tweet



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Thank you for joining me for today’s Podcast Hackers episode! Tune in next time as we continue to have in-depth conversations with experts who can help make your podcast the best it can be!

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