PH031: Jason Resnick of Ask Rezz and Live in the Feast

Last updated on December 13th, 2019

PH031: Jason Resnick of Ask Rezz and Live in the Feast
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The host of Ask Rezz and Live in the Feast, Jason Resnick joins me for today’s episode. Jason is a superstar in regards to email marketing. He shares some of his secrets about reaching and growing his audience. He also announces a big change in his podcasting format and how he plans to move toward merging his two shows together.

You have to really think about the intent of the person when they're opting in to (get) that next step of the journey to then go ahead, so you can reach your objectives. – Jason Click To Tweet

We also discuss marketing tools like ConvertKit and Drip and how they can help you focus on an individual customer and their needs. Jason has some great points about email marketing and really proves that a little customization goes a long way. Tune in to learn how to add value to your podcast content.

Today’s highlights:

  • Jason’s web developer background.
  • Ask Rezzz and Live in the Feast.
  • How and why Jason plans to merge his shows.
  • Why Jason likes to use email to market to his audience.
  • Tools that can help email marketing.
  • How to encourage communication with your audience.
  • Think about what you can offer to a new subscriber.
  • The idea of “landing page abandonment messages.”
If I notice a certain email address is only looking at ConvertKit type articles and content of mine, then I'm not going to send them anything on the other side about Drip. That is done behind the scenes through behavioral marketing. – Jason Click To Tweet


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Thank you for joining me for today’s Podcast Hackers episode! Tune in next time as we continue to have in-depth conversations with experts who can help make your podcast the best it can be!

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