PH037: Office Hours: Edition 3

Last updated on May 12th, 2020

PH037: Office Hours: Edition 3
Podcast Hackers

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Today during our webinar, we talk about audio editing in an easy and not-time-consuming-type of way. We focus on Audacity (which is both free and cross-platform). Specifically, we talk about using markers to help make editing easier, setting loudness levels, having separate tracks for each person speaking, and exporting to an MP3 (versus any other format) 128kbps. 

We also go through the process through Audacity in real-time during the webinar. During this quick overview, we talk about the importance of using the right mic, various shortcuts, cutting/removing clips, compression, normalizing, volume level, moving tracks, selecting tracks, fading tracks, etc.

We also answer questions about Castos, recording interviews, information about starting podcasts, the competitiveness of the podcast industry, the quality of audio and the time podcasters spent editing, various introductions, the importance of content, different types of podcasts, and RSS Feeds.

These webinars are open to everyone, so if you would like to get on the email list, please visit They happen every week (currently each Wednesday at noon, Eastern time). If you have any questions, reach out to



Adobe Audition


Pro Tools






“How to Start a Podcast (2019 Step-By-Step Guide)”

Castos YouTube Channel

Audiotechnica ATR2100 mic on Amazon

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