What You Can Learn From a Veteran Live Streamer About Podcasting


What You Can Learn From a Veteran Live Streamer About Podcasting

This week on Audience, our host Matt is joined by Chris Brogan of The Backpack Show. Rather than a podcast, he and his co-host Kerry Gorgone live stream a business TV show that goes out on weekdays at 10am ET on Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Brogan got his start live streaming before it was cool. Before Facebook Live and IGTV were even concepts, he was in front of the camera creating his show. But as Chris says, “you don’t get internet points for being first.”

Instead, what you do get is the ability to add your voice to a conversation. And how Chris sees it, your voice may be the one someone out there is looking for. It was this opportunity that lead him to become a prolific content creator, and this is why we wanted to pick his brain on what podcasters can learn from his craft.

What you get from audio and video formats that you can’t from reading a book is the warmth in someone’s voice. So in today’s episode, we’re covering topics around how to leverage that connection for better promotional strategies, sponsorship deals, and finally conquering the weird feeling you get when selling yourself.

On This Episode Learn About:

  • How listeners benefit from consuming podcasts or audio formats
  • The advantages of having a co-host and why you shouldn’t just choose a friend
  • Chris’ spin on why your listener numbers aren’t going up
  • Why a newsletter needs to be part of your podcasting promotion strategy
  • How to pitch sponsors and structure the deals if your follower base is small
  • How to conquer the weirdness when it comes to selling yourself

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