Gary Arndt on winning with short form podcasts + TikTok

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Gary Arndt on winning with short form podcasts + TikTok

What is a travel photographer to do when the entire world shuts down? Turn to podcasting and TikTok, of course. Gary Arndt was owning the space of travel photography until the global pandemic put an end to his plans. Now he’s taking on the podcasting world with his podcast, The Everything Everywhere Daily Podcast.

But Gary did not let that break him. Gary has been a content creator for many years and today he shares some of his expertise about how to create podcasts people love. He gives his advice on how to get your first thousand downloads, how he utilizes TikTok, and the benefits of having a short-form podcast.

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • Gary’s journey from the pique of his travel business, to rock bottom, and back again 
  • The idea and launch of Gary’s history podcast
  • Is a social media presence good enough to have a successful podcast?
  • How Gary utilizes TikTok and Instagram
  • The correlation between TikTok views and podcast downloads
  • Content that keeps being produced and what people care about every day
  • How to get your first thousand downloads
  • The next steps in monetization after ads
  • The difficulty and benefits of short-form podcasting 


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