Why Podcasters Should Care About Member-Only Sites

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Why Podcasters Should Care About Member-Only Sites

Our new private podcasting features are already helping companies produce employee-only podcasts and veteran hosts monetize their premium content. And now we want to focus on taking a private show one step further.

You might be someone who has a lot of knowledge to share or you create content that people would pay good money to access. Sure, you could just use written materials and videos to get your point across. Or you could separate yourself from the pack and include audio lessons as part of your offering.

Creating a traditional podcast that’s available to the public isn’t what you want for one main reason. It’s public for anyone to hear, both paying members and anyone else who stumbles across the show. Instead, you need a private podcast where you can restrict who has access to the content. That’s where Castos’ latest integration with MemberSpace comes in.

On this week’s Audience episode, Craig and Matt sit down with Ward Sandler who’s the co-founder of MemberSpace. MemberSpace is a platform designed to help content creators manage their member-only websites.

When we rolled out our individual subscriber capabilities for private podcasts, we immediately integrated with MemberSpace to make our customer’s lives easier. Listen to the episode now to hear their thoughts on how businesses are pivoting to member-only platforms amid COVID. And what is the value of pay walls for podcasters and other content creators.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • Why MemberSpace started their own podcast about growing membership businesses and why they release episodes in seasons
  • What dogfooding your product means and why it’s important
  • Why podcasters should care about membership sites for premium content or to avoid diluting your brand with sponsorship ads
  • How Circle is helping MemberSpace’s community help each other get ahead
  • The types of content MemberSpaces’s customers create for their member-only sites
  • What are the next integrations MemberSpace has up their sleeve

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