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A Better Way to Monetize Your Podcast

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When most people consider how to make money from their podcast they think of two main solutions: 1) ads and 2) Patreon.

Ads work but they annoy your listeners, they’re easily skippable, and it’s hard to make a ton of money from them unless you have millions of listeners.

Patreon is the other solution people think about. And directionally this is much better. You offer some sort of perk for being a patron, users sign up to pay you monthly (yay recurring revenue!), and you have a direct relationship with your patrons.


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Make more money from your podcast through paid subscriptions

There’s a 3rd and better option for most podcasters. You probably already have a WordPress site for your podcast. You can add Paid Memberships Pro to your WordPress site to turn it into a membership site. And since it’s your own membership site you don’t have any of those pesky fees (up to 12%) to worry about.

Keep more of your money, foster that direct connection with your audience, and earn predictable revenue each month from your users. To learn more, join us for this free webinar hosted by the teams at Castos and Paid Memberships Pro.

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At Castos, we provide the easiest way to launch, grow, and monetize a private podcast. Our platform, complete with a mobile application, integrates directly with Paid Memberships Pro. Enter your email to learn more and get started on a 14-day free trial.

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