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The Best Gaming Podcasts of 2023 That Will Level Up Your Game Experience

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Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or simply enjoy gaming as a hobby, podcasts are a great way to accentuate your gaming experience. They offer news, reviews, and expert commentary on popular and niche games alike. 

In this article, we present our handpicked selection of the best gaming podcasts. These podcasts offer a gateway into the captivating realm of gaming. 

1. Giant Bombcast

Best gaming podcasts: Giant Bombcast

The Giant Bombcast podcast is a popular and long-running show that covers video games, industry news, and general discussions in a casual and humorous manner. The podcast offers insightful and entertaining commentary on the latest games, trends, and developments in the gaming world. 

With their unique perspectives and chemistry, the hosts engage in lively conversations, share personal experiences, and provide in-depth analysis, making the Giant Bombcast a must-listen for gaming enthusiasts seeking a blend of informative content and enjoyable banter.

2. Axe of the Blood God

Axe of the Blood God

The Axe of the Blood God podcast is a popular podcast focused on the world of role-playing games (RPGs) and their impact on gaming culture. Hosted by Kat Bailey, a seasoned RPG enthusiast and journalist, the podcast dives deep into various RPG titles, both old and new, exploring their mechanics, narratives, and overall design. 

With a strong emphasis on storytelling and character development, the podcast provides in-depth analysis and critical discussions about RPGs across different platforms and genres, but particularly Japanese RPGs, PC RPGs, and retro games.

Additionally, Axe of the Blood God features interviews with industry professionals, explores RPG-related news, and engages with the audience through listener questions and feedback. Whether you’re a die-hard RPG fan or just curious about the genre, Axe of the Blood God offers insightful and entertaining content for RPGers.

3. Castle Superbeast

Best gaming podcasts: Castle Superbeast

When the original team behind the immensely popular niche gaming YouTube channel, Super Best Friends Play, went their separate ways, Woolie and Pat joined forces to create the Castle Super Beast podcast, sponsored by Rooster Teeth. 

Paying homage to the inside jokes of their former group, this podcast became the successor to the original channel’s companion podcast, offering a hilarious and uncensored gaming discussion. 

While maintaining a general structure that covers gaming news and industry updates, Woolie and Pat often venture off-topic, engaging in unfiltered banter that leaves listeners in stitches. The podcast’s eccentricity and humor serve as a delightful accompaniment to staying informed about the latest happenings in the gaming world and hearing their unique perspectives on these developments.

4. GamesIndustry.Biz Podcast

GamesIndustry.Biz Podcast

The GamesIndustry.Biz podcast provides an examination of the global economic, labor, and occasionally socio-political shifts that impact the gaming industry. Designed by industry insiders for industry insiders, the podcast adeptly presents these intricate subjects in an informative and approachable manner. 

This show offers captivating perspectives on the often challenging journey of game development, making it an engaging listen for those intrigued by the behind-the-scenes intricacies of the industry. With its insightful content, the podcast appeals not only to professionals but also to anyone curious about the logistical aspects that shape the world of gaming.

5. Game Scoop!

Game Scoop!

IGN, one of the largest games media outlets, offers a range of podcasts, including its flagship show Game Scoop! This weekly podcast provides a comprehensive overview of the video game industry as a whole. 

Game Scoop! serves as a convenient destination for the latest industry news, covering games across various platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, and mobile. The hosts not only share informative reviews but also engage in enjoyable segments like “20 questions” about video games. 

With its humorous and educational hour-long episodes, the podcast caters to both newcomers and experienced gamers, making it an ideal starting point for video game enthusiasts seeking a mix of entertainment and valuable insights.

6. 8-4 Play

Best gaming podcasts: 8-4 Play

The 8-4 Play podcast is a gem for gaming enthusiasts seeking a delightful mix of insightful discussions, industry anecdotes, and engaging banter. The podcast strikes a perfect balance between informative content and lighthearted conversations, making each episode an enjoyable journey into the world of gaming. 

Hosts Mark MacDonald, Sarah Podzorski, Justin Epperson, and John Ricciardi cover a wide range of gaming topics, from the latest releases and industry news to retro classics and Japanese gaming culture. 

What sets 8-4 Play apart is the hosts’ deep understanding of the gaming landscape, their genuine passion for the medium, and their ability to provide unique perspectives on various gaming-related subjects. 

7. Sacred Symbols

Sacred Symbols

While other podcasts on this list cover gaming across multiple platforms, Sacred Symbols stands out as a dedicated PlayStation podcast. Hosted by Colin Moriarty and Chris “Ray Gun” Maldonado, the show delves into the expansive world of PlayStation, covering everything from the PS4 and PS5 to PSVR and PS Vita. 

With an average episode length of around two hours, Moriarty and Maldonado expertly navigate the vast library of games and franchises associated with PlayStation. Their in-depth knowledge and engaging banter create a captivating listening experience that’s both informative and humorous. Additionally, the hosts actively involve their audience by addressing questions and comments from listeners. 

8. What’s Good Games

Best gaming podcasts: What's Good Games

What’s Good Games is hosted by a group of charismatic and knowledgeable women who bring a fresh and diverse perspective to gaming discussions. Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher, and Kristine Steimer offer a great dynamic, blending insightful analysis with a genuine passion for gaming.

Furthermore, What’s Good Games provides a well-rounded experience for listeners. The hosts cover a wide range of gaming topics, including news, reviews, interviews, and industry trends. This variety ensures that listeners stay informed about the latest happenings while being entertained by engaging conversations.

The podcast also excels in creating a welcoming and inclusive community. The hosts actively interact with their audience, responding to questions, comments, and suggestions. This level of engagement fosters a sense of connection and makes listeners feel like they are part of the conversation.

9. Get Played

Get Played

Get Played is a hilarious and entertaining show that delves into the world of bizarre and poorly received video games. Comedians Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger, along with various guests, take a comedic approach to exploring the question of “how did this game even get made?” 

Each episode, the hosts and guests play and discuss a different video game that is known for its quirks, flaws, or peculiarities. They provide humorous commentary, share personal experiences, and offer unique perspectives on these unconventional games. 

10. Play, Watch, Listen

Play, Watch, Listen

Play, Watch, Listen is a captivating show that brings together a diverse panel of industry professionals from different creative fields. Hosted by game director Mike Bithell, filmmaker Troy Baker, and composer Austin Wintory, the podcast offers insightful and engaging discussions on various topics related to gaming, film, and music. 

The hosts and guests delve into the creative processes behind these different mediums, sharing personal experiences, anecdotes, and reflections on their respective industries. From exploring storytelling techniques to examining the intersection of art and technology, Play, Watch, Listen provides a deep dive into the world of entertainment and creative expression. 

11. Kinda Funny Gamescast

Best gaming podcasts: Kinda Funny Gamescast

The Kinda Funny Gamescast podcast is a dynamic show that dives into the world of video games with a unique blend of humor and insight. 

Hosted by the charismatic team of Greg Miller, Tim Gettys, Blessing Adeoye Jr., and Andy Cortez, the podcast offers lively discussions and passionate debates about the latest gaming news, releases, and trends. They’re known for their energetic personalities and deep knowledge of the industry.

12. Spawn on Me

Spawn on Me

Spawn on Me belongs on our list of the best gaming podcasts because it’s a powerful and influential show that focuses on the intersection of gaming, race, and culture. Hosted by Kahlief Adams, the podcast provides a platform for underrepresented voices in the gaming industry, amplifying the perspectives and experiences of people of color. 

With a commitment to inclusivity and social justice, Spawn on Me explores a wide range of topics, including diversity in gaming, representation in media, and the impact of gaming on society. 

The show features engaging interviews with industry professionals, discussions on current events, and thoughtful analysis of game design and storytelling. By addressing important issues and promoting inclusivity, the Spawn on Me podcast offers a unique and valuable perspective that enriches the gaming community as a whole.

13. Retronauts


Retronauts is a nostalgic journey through the annals of gaming history. With a focus on retro gaming, the podcast delves into the classics that have shaped the gaming landscape we know today.

Hosted by a passionate team of gaming enthusiasts, Retronauts offers insightful discussions, retrospectives, and deep dives into iconic games and consoles of the past. From the early days of arcade cabinets to the beloved titles on classic platforms like the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis, the podcast explores the rich tapestry of gaming’s roots. 

With their wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm, the hosts guide listeners on a captivating journey through gaming nostalgia, making Retronauts a must-listen for retro gaming enthusiasts and those curious about gaming’s history alike.

14. The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

Best gaming podcasts: The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

The final entry on our list of the best gaming podcasts is The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast, an immersive and entertaining show that caters to tabletop gaming enthusiasts. Hosted by a group of passionate gamers, including Jamie Keagy, Chris Miller, Tony Topper, and many more, the podcast delves into the world of board games, card games, role-playing games, and tabletop gaming culture as a whole. 

This show offers a mix of game reviews, industry news, discussions on gaming strategies, and engaging conversations about the hobby. With their contagious enthusiasm and extensive knowledge, the hosts bring a delightful blend of humor and expertise to each episode, making the podcast an engaging and informative experience for both casual players and dedicated enthusiasts. 

Whether you’re seeking recommendations for your next game night or simply want to stay updated on the latest in tabletop gaming, The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast is a fantastic resource and an enjoyable listen for all lovers of analog gaming.

Your Favorite Gaming Podcasts

Gaming podcasts offer a treasure trove of entertainment, insights, and community for gamers of all kinds. Whether you’re seeking informative commentary, humorous banter, or deep dives into gaming culture, these podcasts provide an immersive listening experience that enhances your gaming journey. 

But this list is just the beginning. What do you think are the best gaming podcasts? Share your own favorite gaming podcasts in the comments below. Help us discover more hidden gems in the gaming world!

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