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Earn Bitcoin From Your Listeners

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Here at Castos, we’re passionate about giving creators the ability to make a living from their craft and do it in a way that they control. Private podcasting and paid subscriptions are powerful means of achieving this goal for many podcasters.

While the allure of paid podcast subscriptions in platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify give some podcasters the perception of an “Easy Button” where they can quickly make money podcasting, these platforms leave a lot to be desired. No direct access to your listeners, no ability to connect with them, and hefty fees are taken out of each payment they send your way.

In addition, the movement from traditional currencies as the method of payment to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is very interesting for some podcasters. This is one reason why the Podcast 2.0 project has gained so much traction in the last few years. Podcasters large and small are looking for ways to control their own destiny and operate their shows on their own terms.

Today the Castos team is thrilled to offer all of our customers the addition of the <podcast:value> field and the Value 4 Value program within their Castos dashboards.

With Value 4 Value you can now accept streaming crypto payments from your listeners, right to the wallet of your choice. Check out this video for more background on Value 4 Value and how you can allow listeners to stream cryptocurrency right to you while listening to your podcast:

YouTube video

Any listener who is tuning into your show from a mobile app that supports the <podcast:value> tag (here’s a list of those apps!) will allow the listener to stream Satoshis (Sats for short) directly to the wallet location you specify.

Many in the podcasting industry, and in technology overall, feel like we are just at the beginning of what crypto can offer for online commerce, and we agree. While the technology and supporting infrastructure are still very much in their infancy there are lots of reasons to be excited about what the future of crypto could mean for all of us.

The Value 4 Value program and Podcast 2.0 is a fantastic step in the right direction, and we’re proud to be able to support Creators in their endeavors to independently make money from their podcast, directly from their listeners.

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