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We’ve graded your podcast and it’s:

the Engine That Could

YouTube video

Did you know podcast years are like dog years? So that means you’ve been podcasting for over 15 years! These are the awkward teen years, but we’ve survived once before.

Getting over the 500 listener hump or landing your first sponsor is no small feat.

So to help you get there, we pulled together some resources just for you. Things like templates, guided tutorials, and podcast episodes that will help you find pockets of new listeners, generate more buzz from each interview you give, and consistently create interesting episodes for your audience.

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The How to Interview Me Template

Being a guest on other podcasts is a tried-and-true way to increase your podcast’s popularity. There’s a reason we talk about it so much, it’s because it works. Introduce your podcast to new ears by being a guest on other shows that are relevant to your target audience.

Download the How To Interview Me Template so all future interviewers can nail your intro and help guide the conversation to the points you’re uniquely qualified to talk about.

The Ultimate Episode Blueprint

You’ve been podcasting for a while and it’s obviously working. But when’s the last time you thought about how you sit behind the mic?

We mean are you being as efficient as possible when recording a new episode? Dotting every i and crossing every t is tedious but with our Blueprint it doesn’t have to be. We create 3 different templates using Google Sheets, Notion, and ClickUp to help organize your recording process and make you more efficient.

You can modify the Episode Blueprints as you see fit. Remove sections or follow the outline to the letter, whichever flow fits your recording style. While some items are second nature, others will serve as good areas for note taking for each new episode.

Creating a successful podcast means extending equal effort to your recording process and your promotional plans. Invest in the long-term and look at the bigger picture so the show continues to break barriers.

Schedule a Personalized Consulting Call

We have a feeling you took our Podcast Grader quiz because you want to compare how your show stacks up to others. But every podcast is different, and so is how we define success.

Book a one-on-one consulting call with on of our podcast experts to get personalized answers about your show. No question is too big or small, we’ve seen it all.

And if you’re feeling like you don’t even know what to ask, don’t fret. These consulting calls aren’t meant to be intimidating. Instead, we’re here to be a sounding board. We can help you figure out the path forward if you’re unsure where to start.

Listen to These Audience episodes

We’ve covered a handful of getting started topics on the early days of Audience that are relevant to your podcast. We’ve pulled the best episodes together that would be most helpful to you right now.

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    Why do all the top podcasts publish videos to YouTube? Because YouTube has 2 billion logged-in users (and growing), which makes it a powerful place to grow your audience.  In fact, 43% of monthly podcast listener say they’ve enjoyed podcast content on YouTube in the last year, which means you…

  • The Ultimate Guide to Podcast Email Marketing

    The Ultimate Guide to Podcast Email Marketing

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    In this guide, we’ll explain why email marketing is important and everything you need to know about podcast email marketing.

Looking For a New Podcast Hosting Provider?

At Castos, our customers aren’t just a number. We’re a small but mighty team that cares deeply about each host’s success.

While we think our commitment is a big differentiator, we also have a few other ways our service is different from the other guys. Depending on which podcast hosting provider you currently use, check out how we compare below. Choose your current podcast hosting provider:

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If you’re ready to start using Castos, migrating your podcast to our service is easy. When you sign up for a 14-day free trial, simply add the show’s RSS feed from your current provider and we’ll do the rest.

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