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The 3 Clips Podcast Joining the Castos Team

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Today we’re excited to share that Castos has acquired the 3 Clips podcast, run by Jay Acunzo.

Jay and the 3 Clips podcast are the epitome of what a great podcast embodies, and the show is focused squarely on the exact audience that Castos supports: Creators.

The driving belief behind 3 Clips is that anyone can create an amazing show if we stop believing that “creativity” means “big.” On the show, we shed light on the tiny techniques and refreshing wrinkles used by top podcasters’ during the creative process.

3 Clips has been featured in The NY Times, Washington Post, Forbes, Fast Company, Fortune, and TechCrunch. Jay is the author of two books, and Ex-Google, HubSpot, and VC brand builder. He now focuses his time as a show host, writer, and producer.

As you hear in this episode, Jay feels strongly, and we agree, that this acquisition is an example for others to follow that if you create meaningful and impactful content for a specific audience it has value in the market. Creators don’t necessarily need to be focused on monetizing their shows from the start, but rather on building out a well-defined brand to the show, growing their audience, and continuing to improve their craft as podcasters.

Jay has always been transparent in all of the content he creates about what it means to be a Creator in this market, and in this episode, Jay talks through the specifics of the acquisition from his perspective, what this means to him and other podcasters who are in similar positions, and in interviewing Craig Hewitt, Castos’ founder, why 3 Clips was so interesting to bring into the Castos brand.

The entire Castos team is excited to welcome Jay Acunzo and the 3 Clips production team to the Castos family.

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Craig Hewitt
Craig is the founder of Castos. When he's not busy podcasting, talking about podcasting, or helping others get started in this awesome medium he's hanging out with his wife, two children, and likely planning their next travel adventure.

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