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[Show of the Week] The Landlord’s Resource with Connor Swalm

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Today we’re going to showcase a podcast all about Property Management and helping people to get better at it. This is an interesting show as it’s helping to share knowledge within a traditionally very competitive industry. 

This week we highlight Connor Swalm’s podcast – The Landlord’s Resource. A podcast about learning from the real life experiences of managing real-estate and giving away great value to those in the same field.

This is a great example of a company using a podcast to build authority and trust within their audience. The Landlord’s Resource is a practical show that accompanies their other free content.

Here’s Connor with the details :-

What’s your podcast website

What’s the name of your show

The Landlord’s Resource

When did your show launch?

August 2018

What is your show about?

Our show aims to educate existing Landlords so that they will be able to properly function as a property manager. We launched the podcast because we are a professional property management company and we understand all of the pain points of existing home owners. Either home owners do not have the knowledge to properly manage a home, or they do not trust a property management company enough to allow them to manage the home for them. Our hope is that the podcast will help facilitate more trust between homeowners and our company. Which will in turn raise the trust our current owners and future owners have in us.

What makes your Point Of View unique in your niche/market?

We actually do the things we are trying to communicate through the podcast. Every episode is based on an experience and conveys the lesson we learned by doing everything we talk about in every show. It is practical because it is about how to operate as a professional management company, and it is easy to follow because we offer all of our information for free.

What is one thing you’ve learned that you want to share with other podcasters?

Using VA’s and websites like upwork or Fiverr can significantly reduce the amount of time required to create a professional sounding podcast. Every hour you spend researching how to delegate the small tasks involved in creating a podcast is an hour well spent.

What is your podcasting superpower?

Every podcast centers around an experience. We are not telling our audience how something should be done, we are telling them how we have actually solved the problem. We are not teaching landlords on things we have never attempted, we are teaching from actual experience and hard learned lessons.

What else would you like to share with the podcasting world?

Starting a podcast is easier than you think and can be cheaper than you think as well. Don’t let the fear of failure get in the way of telling your story. Fear is no reason to deprive the world of a great story they can benefit from, so just jump in and I know you’ll learn how to swim.

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