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[Show of the Week] Chocolate Fascination with Brian Ruggles

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Today we’re excited to highlight a show all about the delicious world of chocolate and the hidden communities behind it! Taking a deeper look into the creation of craft chocolate and telling the stories of the people involved at every stage of producing it.

This week we highlight Brian Ruggles and his show Chocolate Fascination

The podcast is a conversation on every aspect of the production of fine chocolate, from bean to store. Brian is passionate about bringing the chocolate community together and his show educates and entertains in equal measures. ┬áThis podcast is perfect for every chocolate-lover out there! ┬áHere’s Brian to tell us more…

What’s your podcast website

What’s the name of your show?

Chocolate Fascination

When did your show launch?

Aug 22, 2018

What is your show about?

Chocolate, in short, is my focus. But chocolate is so much more than candy. My mission – starting 10 years before this podcast – has been to share fine, craft chocolate with everyone. This podcast is meant to bring the bright lights of the chocolate community together to share their uniquely human stories with lovers of chocolate. From chocolate makers to cacao farmers to the educators and retailers who bring the best version of the greatest food to the world, right to you!

What makes your Point Of View unique in your niche/market?

I have run the Utah Chocolate Society for over 8 years, and in that time it has become the largest fine chocolate enthusiast group in North America. Now with 4 chapters and 2,500 members, we get together to experience different points of focus within the world of chocolate, ranging from cacao origins and chocolate makers, to styles of production across countries, we aim to learn craft chocolate, inside and out. I have the unique position of bringing people together like has never been done before. I have pioneered a new way of sharing chocolate to bring the esoteric nuances to anyone who has the passion and interest enough to learn.

Also, my podcast is very conversational in style, so it lacks formality, and it drops barriers. I want it to be fun!

What is one thing you’ve learned that you want to share with other podcasters?

Do your research beforehand! Develop content before launch, and launch with multiple episodes. Truth be told, I am still very green, but I am not lacking in passion or knowledge of my subject. Further, people have been reacting very positively to my unscripted style of conversation where my guests and I have fun and playful conversation – after all, it is chocolate! There are plenty of formal podcasts out there, and there is a level of professionalism that can really come across in that style. I am trying to show the humanness of the world of fine chocolate, and I want guards down and pretense out. We sound pretentious enough geeking out on snooty chocolate!

What is your podcasting superpower?

I have been networking for years, so I have some great connections. Also, I have some fairly vast experience in talking with people from all walks of life about all sorts of things – not least about chocolate!

What else would you like to share with the podcasting world?

Try to take the weight of the world off your shoulders and take a breath and enjoy it! Practice (i.e. in the editing phase) makes EASIER, and don’t bother waiting on perfect. The listeners are eager, and they aren’t looking for sterile perfection – they want something real they can truly CONNECT with. Be serious with your level of passion, but certainly don’t take yourself too seriously!

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