Infographic: How Does Podcasting Work?

Last updated on November 1st, 2019

“How does podcasting work?” is a question all new hosts stumble through in the beginning stages of setting up their show. To help visually answer this query in six steps, we designed an infographic perfect for rookie podcasters. It describes how a podcast travels from being an audio file on a computer to being featured across Spotify and Apple Podcasts for listeners to enjoy.

As a new host, you might be stuck at what to do after recording episode one. Those new to podcasting often think they’ll record and simply upload the file to a podcast directory. Unfortunately, this is a common misunderstanding. The actual process requires a handful of moving parts and an understanding of concepts like RSS feeds and podcast hosting platforms.

If these terms and processes sound a bit foreign, then this infographic is for you. We’ll walk you through the standard workflow of recording, uploading, and distributing a podcast. While it’s not as simple as uploading a file to Apple Podcasts, our infographic will finally answer your question of “how does podcasting work?”. Our end goal is to make you feel confident about bringing that dream show to life.

A Six Step Guide To How Podcasting Works

How does podcasting work infographic explaining how to record, upload, and distribute a podcast


The process of how podcasting works can feel daunting. There’s unknown jargon and software, new skills to learn, and workflows to master. It’s no surprise that step one of many new hosts is to first Google “how does podcasting work?”.

So bookmark this page, especially if you’re in the beginning phases of launching a new podcast. This is the perfect reference if you ever hit a wall and are wondering which next step to take to bring a show from dream to reality.

Once you have these basics down, head over to our in-depth tutorial on How To Start A Podcast for even more answers to your questions.

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