podcast setup

Growing Your Audience

How To Submit A Podcast To Spotify

Listing your show across the major podcast directories is an essential piece of growing an audience. You can set yourself up for success by submitting your show to the big …

how to submit a podcast to stitcher

Podcast Basics

How To Submit Your Podcast To Stitcher

Stitcher is another large podcasting directory that works as a search engine and a mobile app. It’s a popular choice among Android listeners meaning listing your podcast on their platform …

how does podcasting work

Podcast Basics

Infographic: How Does Podcasting Work?

“How does podcasting work?” is a question all new hosts stumble through in the beginning stages of setting up their show. To help visually answer this query in six steps, …

Podcast Basics

How To Choose A Podcast Host

Choosing a podcast host is an essential decision as you prepare to launch a show. Ensuring the software can support your current and future needs from the start will allow …