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Offer Podcast Content As A Part of Your LifterLMS Online Course

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For online course creators, one of the best ways to market your business and scale your audience is to provide unique value adds that attract new students and keep current students engaged.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Castos’ Podcasting Plugin for WordPress, Seriously Simple Podcasting, now integrates directly with LifterLMS, the industry-leading course software for WordPress.

This integration gives online course creators the power to automatically add students from LifterLMS into a Private Podcast hosted on WordPress – allowing you to share audio or podcast content as a part of your online course in a way that’s only available to current students.


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How Podcasts Fit Into Online Learning and Courses

Podcasts are unique in that they provide a way to access information that is mobile, on-demand, and easy to access. Perfect for those of us who like to consume content on the go.

While the quizzes, courses, and video resources that make up your online learning website will always be a vital aspect, offering students a way to access relevant information in a way that doesn’t require them to look at a screen can add a huge amount of value and convince them to get started.

For your most engaged students that want all of the content available, offering a podcast as a part of your learning website can be a great way to share new information; enabling you to continue to grow and foster your learning community.

Whether your podcast is an extension of your online course or offers totally new insights and lessons, using Seriously Simple Podcasting with LifterLMS you can automatically grant or remove access to podcast content through one easy-to-use integration.

Integrating LifterLMS With Castos Seriously Simple Podcasting

In order to automatically add students from LifterLMS into a Private Podcast, you’ll need: LifterLMS and Seriously Simple Podcasting installed on your WordPress sites, as well as a Castos hosting account.

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Connecting Your LifterLMS Course To Castos’ Private Podcasting

Once you have both LifterLMS and Seriously Simple Podcasting installed on your WordPress site it’s time to connect the two, and to your Castos podcast hosting account.

First, connect your WordPress site to Castos via the Castos API key:

Next create your first course in LifterLMS. For this example, we’re using one of the very helpful examples courses that come bundled with LifterLMS.

Once you’ve got a course defined in LifterLMS set the corresponding podcast in your Castos account to be Private, thus making it available only for students of your course.

Then create a rule so that students of a particular course level will automagically get added to the correct Private Podcast in your Castos account.

Once you’ve set up these steps, every time a new student is added to your LifterLMS course they will be automagically added as a Private Podcast Subscriber in Castos.

Here’s more information about the listener experience and what your students can expect from private podcasting at Castos.

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