How to Figure Out What Content to Record

How to Figure Out What Content to Record

After coming up with a name, designing the cover art, and finally sitting behind the mic, you’re probably thinking about what the heck you’re going to talk about. Filling out a week, month, or seasons worth of content is important. But what will make your life easier is planning, strategizing, and organizing everything ahead of time.

We talked about podcast content marketing in the last episode. How to repurpose an episode into multiple promotional pieces is a key to success. But figuring out what that episode is about is step one.

Whether you podcast as a hobby, to support a business, or it’s your full-time gig, planning multiple episodes ahead of time isn’t easy. But putting in the time upfront has a lot of upsides! Things like consistently publishing new episodes, saving time by batch recording, and better podcast episode promotion.

Listen to the full episode now to start thinking about your content differently.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What tools we use to plan, organize, and record our podcast episode content
  • How we use “newsjacking“, latest trends, and our audience for episode topics
  • Finding the balance between publishing evergreen episodes and trending news
  • How you can take advantage of private podcasting
  • Why being a micro-expert can benefit both you and your audience
  • Figuring out which medium is best for a specific topic

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