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[Show of the Week] The Lifetime Body Podcast

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Welcome to a new series here at Castos where we are highlighting some of the best podcasts running on our platform, and some things we can learn from these great shows.

Each week we will highlight a new show, and not only learn about their podcast but also get tips, tricks, and insights as to what is working for them Right Now to make their podcasts more successful.

With that, I’m happy to introduce the first Show of the Week, John Zombro from The Lifetime Body Podcast.

Castos: Tell us a bit about your show:

John: The Lifetime Body Podcast is all about the promotion of health, fitness, and longevity. My co-host PK and I are enthusiastic lifelong learners in human performance and our goal is to share cutting-edge information with our listeners that exists in a middle ground between deep science and common sense. It’s all about making sense of the science and creating actionable knowledge that helps people to look, feel, and perform their best. This is a component of my business and career in physical therapy and wellness promotion which has been ongoing for 35 years. I’ve always enjoyed working with folks in improving performance, and in delivering what I call the messages of Ultimate Wellness. I use that approach in my consulting and coaching services, and throughout my writing in my blogs, training programs, and the three books I’ve published to date in the health and fitness space.

All that stated, I really felt that there was a place for a podcast that offered understandable, digestible tips (we call them Pearls of Wellness Wisdom) in a format that everyone can utilize and look forward to each week. We’ve got over 100 cool topics lined out for episodes that give listeners easily-applied game-changers in nutrition, training, ergonomics, sleep, and lifestyle.

Our style is a friendly banter that boils down and clarifies those little nuggets of success we all can use to 10x life. We try to mix education with entertainment but avoid too much rambling and ranting. We think the podcast may be the best media for delivering the message of wellness, both due to portability and the ease with which it can foster knowledge.

Castos: When did you launch your show?

John: We started up our show in mid-July 2018 and are currently using a weekly publishing schedule, with the 9th episode airing this week. Initial listener response has been outstanding, with some feedback and questions coming in (this allowed us to do a Mailbag show recently) to help us better shape the show and address topics popular with the listeners.

We have plans to eventually go to two shows per week, with the second show being an interview format with a guest. That show will be part of what we’ll probably call the “People with Perspectives” series, and I hope to engage with a wide variety of guests, not just experts in health and fitness. The idea with that component is to learn from people of various backgrounds with all sorts of careers and experiences, then weave it back into their personal approaches toward wellness.

Castos: What makes your Point of View unique for your show versus the others in your space?

John: Health and self-help shows are indeed many. Ours is unique because it combines validated science with extensive clinical and practical experience, and attempts to put scientific wellness principles into a concise, and sometimes humorous package. We have a perspective that we hope “every man and woman” can relate to and enjoy.

The Lifetime Body Podcast is intended to exist somewhere between a lengthy “deep dive” and a quick point or two, with the emphasis on both getting results and having fun. It’s really a celebration of LIFE and pulls together how powerful lifestyle factors can be leveraged for every age, gender, athletic level, and health condition.

Castos: What is one thing you’ve learned along the way that you’d like to share with other podcasters?

John: I’ve learned to really try hard to put myself into the shoes, or actually the headset or speaker, of the listener. Relating to people and giving them what they need to know and want to hear is critical in helping others. People learn, improve, and succeed by not just knowing what to do and how to do it, but in feeling supported and nurtured along the way. It’s so important to build a community. We’re all in this together and making a contribution, however small or large, is immensely meaningful.

That answer relates to content and communication but I have one other thing I’d like to mention…use good technology.

This is where Castos has really helped us get our show off the ground efficiently. We utilized your resources for studio setup, microphones, and other hardware/software. We also took advantage of the webinars offered by Castos on several important topics. This is an unabashed pitch for your company because your products and services eliminated the guesswork and saved us immeasurable time, energy and money. Thank you!

Castos: What is your podcasting superpower?

John: It’s my passion. I love empowering people to succeed. That has been my primary driver throughout my career. I get excited about sharing powerful information and I think my energy comes through in my discussions. Interacting with people in any capacity, be it on the podcast, coaching, consulting, training, or presenting, I’ve always been enthusiastic about creating that win and accomplishing the goal(s). I think credibility is more than just credentials, it’s integrity, fortitude, and genuine concern for others.

Castos: What would you like to share with the podcasting world?

John:  I love the power of the podcast. It combines learning and laughing like no other option. To be able to absorb information and entertainment in this manner is awesome. Listening to a good show makes you feel like you are sitting in on a great conversation and it can really make our days so much more fun and productive…that’s never a bad combination!

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