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The 11 Best Podcast Blogs and Websites That Will Make You a Better Podcaster

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We spend a lot of time trying to learn everything we can about podcasting. We work, breath, and talk podcasting every day. We aren’t too proud to admit that there are lots of online experts and resources we consult to learn new things and make sure our methods are valuable and accurate. Today, we want to pay tribute to some of the quality podcast blogs and websites we find useful. 

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1. Cliff Ravenscraft

Podcast blogs: Cliff Ravenscraft
Cliff Ravenscraft (“Podcast Answer Man”)

Cliff Ravenscraft is known as the “Podcast Answer Man.” He knows everything about podcasting, which is why he’s at the top of our list of the best podcast blogs. 

Cliff and his wife started podcasting about their favorite TV show “Lost” in 2005. Now podcasting has become his full-time career. He is a consultant, coach, and podcast producer. He has produced more than 2,800 episodes on more than 20 different shows. He also has an amazing podcasting blog and podcast, and he generously shares what he has learned along the way.

His podcast and blog are free and packed with all kinds of great information. He also sells equipment bundles, guides, and tutorials. He not only provides a lot of the technical nuts and bolts information, but he also talks about inspiration and his methods. 

2. The Podcast Host

Podcast blogs: The Podcast Host
The Podcast Host

The Podcast Host is a podcast blog that’s full of unbiased, actionable, and in-depth content on podcasting.

For years, Colin Gray has been writing and podcasting about how to create better, more engaging content, and how to do it easier and quicker. After all, this is often the source of many podcasters’ troubles – creating great content for their audiences without breaking the bank or spending endless hours each week.

The Podcast Host also has a fantastic membership academy that gives even more really in depth content about building, launching, and growing your podcast.

The team at The Podcast Host also have their own podcast maker tool called Alitu. It’s designed to make it really easy to edit, produce and publish your show, saving you hours every month on post production. You just give it your raw audio, and then it’ll polish it up, help you edit, and publish a finished file to your host, including Castos!

3. The Podcasters’ Studio

The Podcasters' Studio
The Podcasters’ Studio

Pro podcast producer Ray Ortega runs The Podcasters’ Studio, one of the most engaging podcasting blogs on our list. He also runs the Podcasters’ Roundtable, a podcast full of opinionated conversations about the issues that podcasters encounter on a daily basis. In Podcast Quick Tips, you can learn podcasting one small bite at a time. 

Ray got his start in podcasting in 2007 with the Produce Picker Podcast. Yes, this is a podcast about choosing the best produce. Unique, right? 

The Podcasters’ Studio has articles and tutorials on recording, editing, publishing, and promoting podcasts. There is also a lot of information about video, and the blog is filled with tutorials and equipment reviews. All of his content will teach you how to start and host your own show, keep you informed about the latest podcast news and get a fresh perspective on the medium.

4. Fizzle


Fizzle is actually a website, blog, and podcast about business for creative entrepreneurs. It’s run by Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves, and Steph Crowder. Their content is hilarious and they always sound like they’re having a blast. It’s a good fit for podcasters who are comfortable hosting their show, but need a little help running the business. 

“We built Fizzle because we saw too many promising entrepreneurs give up because they just couldn’t put all the pieces together,” they say. “We also built it because we were sick of all the overhyped, overpriced and ineffective ‘make money online’ courses and programs out there taking advantage of people who didn’t know who to trust.

Their weekly podcast is super funny and informative. They also throw in a bit of inspiration and motivation (which is something everyone needs). 

5. The Audacity to Podcast

Podcast blogs: The Audacity to Podcast
The Audacity to Podcast

This is one of our favorite sites on our list of podcast blogs. The Audacity to Podcast is an award-winning show about podcasting and podcasting resources was created by Daniel J. Lewis. He has tons of amazing content about starting your own show, finding the right gear, techniques, editing episodes, promotion, and everything in between. We especially admire how Daniel breaks down complicated information into easily digested formats.

In 2012, The Audacity to Podcast won the People’s Choice Podcast Award for #1 technology podcast. Since then, it has been a finalist for numerous awards in the People’s Choice Podcast Awards and The Academy of Podcasters Awards.

6. Discover Pods

Podcast blogs: Discover Pods
Discover Pods

If you’re looking for a few more podcasts to listen to, then Discoverpods is definitely worth checking out. Like the other podcast blogs on this list, this resource has excellent articles on podcast hosting and in-depth podcasting equipment reviews that will help whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned veteran.

One of the things we like about this blog is their willingness to attend conferences like Podfest where they talk to real podcasters and dig deep into industry happenings. This makes the blog a good place to keep track of current podcasting events. Podcasting is a growing, but established medium and there are quite a few opportunities to attend events and network with other podcasters.

7. PodNews

Podcast blogs: PodNews

PodNews is one of the newest podcast blogs on our list. It was only started in late 2017, but it has grown to become a powerful source of information for podcasters. Their short, daily updates about the global podcasting industry will help you keep your finger on the pulse of the scene. 

We strongly recommend keeping this podcasting blog on your list. It’s a quick read each day and it will go a long way to keep you informed about what other podcasters are doing.

8. Hot Pod News

Podcast blogs: Hot Pod News
Hot Pod News

Hot Pod News is a free weekly newsletter published by Nick Quah. It “provides analysis, insight, and commentary on the growing podcast industry — and whatever it will be in the years to come.” It’s a resource for companies and individuals to better understand the on-demand audio space. They also offer two additional newsletters each week for paid subscribers. 

The content on Hot Pod News is thoughtful, nuanced, and balanced. They try to really study podcasting and think deeply about the issues. It’s less actionable information and more theory, which makes it a nice balance to many of the other podcast blogs on this list. 

9. School of Podcasting

School of Podcasting
School of Podcasting

School of Podcasting is just what it sounds like: a comprehensive resource to learn how to podcast. Their step-by-step tutorials will help you plan, produce, and promote your show, and help you avoid common mistakes along the way. They also have a free podcast designed for newbies and veteran podcasters alike. 

This podcasting blog is run by Dave Jackson, a long time podcaster. So far, he’s helped hundreds of people launch their own shows. Not only does he understand the technology of his craft, he can explain it in plain English

10. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income
Smart Passive Income

Podcasting is only part of the Smart Passive Income ecosystem, but if you ask Pay Flynn, he’ll tell you his show is a critical part of his success. Pat has helped hundreds of companies enter the podcast scene. 

The Smart Passive Income website has countless free resources to help you start a show and move along on your journey, including articles, case studies, tutorials, courses, and – of course  his podcast. His Intro To Podcasting Mini-course is especially valuable. 

What we like about Pat Flynn’s podcasting advice is that he doesn’t expect you to know everything. He approaches every topic from the beginning to give you a comprehensive foundation of knowledge. 

11. Podcast Insights

Podcast Insights
Podcast Insights

Podcast Insights is one of the most comprehensive podcast blogs we’ve ever seen. It literally covers every facet of starting and running a podcast. Their content is published on massive publishing platforms like The New York Times, The Verge, and Forbes. 

We like Podcast Insights because it dives deep into an area of podcasting that’s often ignored by other podcasting blogs: monetization. Whereas many blogs are happy to discuss launching and growing a show, few are willing to talk seriously about advertising and making real money from your show. Podcast Insights is happy to get into the details of this topic!

What are Your Favorite Podcast Blogs?

This list only scratches the surface of the podcast blogs and websites that are out there, but they represent some of the favorites we follow. Use these resources to learn the trade, improve your show, and keep your fingers on the pulse of podcasting. 

If you know of any great podcasting resources, let us know in the comments. We are always looking to expand our knowledge and to network with other people in the podcast industry.

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  1. You should consider updating your description of Cliff, as he has long since rebranded away from the Podcast Answer Man and does not talk about podcasting much at all, but instead coaching and self-improvement.

  2. Hey Dennis! Thanks for the awesome list 🙂 All star lineup for sure in the podcasting space. I run the largest online podcasting community, Podcasters’ Paradise, alongside my partner John Lee Dumas. Our site is EOFire dot com and we publish podcasting tips & strategies weekly, plus we have loads of free resources for podcasters 🙂 We’ve been podcasting since 2012, and we love sharing what we’ve learned along the way with others who are looking to dive into the awesome world of podcasting!

  3. Hi – I’m the editor of recording industry trade magazine/website Pro Sound News/prosoundnetwork.com, which has been around for 42 years. Last spring (just as the pandemic kicked in), we launched Podcast Pro, which is a section of our site/weekly newsletter focusing on the production workflow side of podcasting. We focus on how pros develop, record and sculpt their podcasts and the tools they use to make that happen. Along with profiles talking with the production teams behind high-profile podcasts (Conan O’Brien, Wind of Change, Dave Ramsey Show, Revisionist History, etc.), we also have gear reviews, product launches and more. All that’s on the site, and the newsletter throws in curated content from around the web to boot. If you get an opportunity, please take a look.

  4. Hi, I was looking for information on how to get my book voices within out to the public. I read that maybe someone who blogs can help me by possibly interviewing me for their blog. Unfortunately I am not computer savvy at all. Was hoping to gain more insight. Thank you for reading this. Hope everyone is healthy and safe.


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