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[Show of the Week] Pickled Eggs and Cold Beer with Eric Drummond Smith and Jason Clayman

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Welcome back to another installment of Show of the Week. Today we’re excited to highlight another great show from a Castos customer, and this time up is Eric Drummond Smith and Jason Clayman from Pickled Eggs and Cold Beer.

I love this show because it takes a bit of a contrary view to a popular topic in the Food/Drink culture today: Craft Breweries. They find unique ways to highlight different cultural aspects of food and drink pairings that more of the “average joe” might find appealing.

Congrats to Eric and Jason on a great start to their show.

What’s your Show Name

Pickled Eggs & Cold Beer

Where can people find your podcast?

When did your show launch?

July 2, 2018

What is your show about?

Our show is ostensibly a review show, in which review inexpensive beers, traditional pairings with those beers, and talk about their place in our culture, history, political-economy, art, and of course our personal lives. The format is very basic – Eric Drummond Smith (a political scientist and working artist) is the host and principle researcher and Jason Clayman (a finance teacher with a background in history) is co-host. Each week we have a guest who helps us review the beer in three key ways, as a poured beverage, from the can or bottle, and as a paired beverage; sometimes we mix it up and discuss the beer as a mixed drink when appropriate as well. We share stories, consider the history of the brewery, examine its marketing and culture impact, all within the context of broader political-economic and historical patterns. We also laugh. A lot.

What makes your Point Of View unique in your niche/market?

In a couple ways. First, there seem to be a massive number of podcasts, many of them wonderful, about craft and microbrews, but relatively few people are analyzing the beers that have a far greater impact on most people. Secondly, we see this as a wonderful opportunity to juxtapose high-brow and low-brow, formal and casual, for results that are both informative and entertaining, all while never losing sight of the ostensible goal, which is determining whether or not our listeners should spend their hard-earned money, time, and calories on any given beer.

What is one thing you’ve learned that you want to share with other podcasters?

Research your subject matter before you start and frame it up into a solid outline. Really get to know it intimately; the better you know it the more you can afford to be spontaneous without fearing you’ll go off the rails.

What is your podcasting superpower?

Making the fancy simple and the simple complex.

What else would you like to share with the podcasting world?

My favorite podcasts are all over the place and have radically different ways of interacting with people outside of the podcast itself – websites, social media, etc. There isn’t a solution. Find the one that fulfills you and your goals and go with it, and revel in the unique freedom and flexibility podcasting affords.

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