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[Updates] A Brand New Castos Analytics

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For the past few months our development team here at Castos has been working tirelessly on bringing you better, more accurate, and more in-depth analytics for your podcasts.  And today we’re excited to announce the release of the freshly updated Castos Analytics.

The overarching theme of this update to Castos Analytics is to bring you more visibility into your listenership so that you can make better informed decisions about where to take the content and growth of your podcast.

Here’s are just a few things you can expect to see inside the new Castos Analytics area of your podcast dashboard.

Geographic Distribution of your Listeners

We know that not only is it important to know how many listeners you have for your podcast but also where they’re listening from. In the new Castos Analytics we are giving you data on which countries your podcast listeners are streaming and downloading your episodes from.

We know this is important not only for knowing your audience better so that you can create more of the content that they’re looking for but also for potential advertisers so that you can tell sponsors exactly where their ad spots will be heard.

We have plans already in the works to let you “deep dive” into this further to give you City/State level analytics on these graphs, and that will be coming out in the near future.  So as they say, Stay Tuned.

Listening Source of your Audience

It’s great to know not only how many listeners you have, and where they’re listening from, but also how they’re listening.  Right?  In the new Castos Analytics we are giving you a breakdown of your listenership across 3 platforms:

Podcasting apps: Including Overcast, Downcast, Apple iOS native app, Stitcher, and about 15 other 3rd party podcasting apps

Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and a handful of other browsers will tell you how people are listening on their desktop, laptop, and tablets.

Operating System: We’re telling you how many of your listeners are Mac users, Windows, Linux, and several other operating systems.

The goal of these demographic data points is to give you a complete picture to view your podcast listeners through.

With this information, you may choose to modify the content of your show, how long or short episodes are, how often and when you publish episodes.  More data is almost always better, and with this new data you can make more informed decisions about your podcast and its listeners.

Improved Listenership Accuracy

Maybe the biggest change to the new Castos Analytics is the validation we are doing of every single request of your podcast files.  With this update, we are now checking to ensure that each time one of your podcast files is requested it is a true and valid request by one of your listeners and not the result of something like a bot or crawler which could artificially inflate your podcast stats.

Now don’t get me wrong we all love to hear that our podcast listenership is really high, but wouldn’t you be happier to know exactly how many listeners you had to each episode?

With this update to Castos Analytics we perform several checks each time one of your podcast files is downloaded in a podcasting app, played in places like iTunes, or opened in the browser and ONLY are counting what we believe are truly valid podcast listens by your audience, and not some of these artificial sources that could have previously inflated your stats.

These changes to your podcast stats will go back all the way to the middle of January 2018 and we have made them all retroactive.  So you will likely see different (in most cases lower) podcast download/listen numbers for your show, and that is a result of this more accurate and verified listenership data.

We know that changes in podcast statistics can be a bit disruptive and we have worked very hard to make this a single change so that there will not be adjustments to the core metrics of your podcast going forward.  Our product and development teams have worked very hard to ensure that the data we are presenting is as accurate as humanly possible and we feel that this update is providing just that.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about the new Castos Analytics we’d love to hear them. Please drop us an email at [email protected] or send us a message in our chat console in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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