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8 Video Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Podcast

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Even if you’re a truly great podcast, you’ll never gain a huge following overnight. It takes some effort, and even more time. And for the podcasts that seem to quickly gain traction, it’s not all word-of-mouth (although that is a very powerful aspect). The most popular podcasts have employed various tactics and strategies across multiple platforms to market themselves the right way.

So if you’re new to podcasting and want to try new ways to grow your audience, video marketing is a great way to go. In this short guide, we’ll cover several video marketing tactics and strategies you can use to help grow your podcast in 2023. Let’s get started!

1. Use Video Teasers

Utilizing video teasers as part of your video marketing tactics can be an effective tool to help grow audiences for your podcast. By crafting a brief but exciting teaser trailer for your YouTube channel, potential listeners will gain an understanding of the content and style of your podcast. A well-crafted video teaser is capable of piquing someone’s curiosity in a few short moments, urging them to find out more about your podcast and potentially subscribe.

Teasers should include elements that will capture attention, such as facts, engaging visuals, memorable quotes, or catchy music. Creating tentative video teasers can strategically help you reach existing and new audiences and ultimately grow your podcast.

2. Increase Subscribers With Gated Content

By using gated content, you can offer exclusive content that can only be accessed after taking action, like subscribing or sharing. This incentivizes the listener to take action while also increasing engagement and recognition of your podcast.

Gated content, such as exclusive interviews, additional audio commentaries, or behind-the-scenes footage of podcast recordings, is a great way to get people to interact with your podcast and build your listener base. When used in conjunction with video marketing, gated content can be a highly effective way to stand out from the other podcasts in your space, making it a valuable tactic for growing your podcast.


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3. Customize Your Videos

Customizing videos to fit each social media platform can be a great tactic for growing your podcast. By editing videos specifically for each platform, you are able to reach further into the audience of each network and optimize how the video looks. Videos look best when made natively on each platform, so adjusting length, aspect ratio, and other details helps ensure that the video looks and performs its best.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to consider what dimensions of multimedia will emphasize certain platforms – for example, having thumbnails for your YouTube videos that appear in search results or creating short preview videos to draw attention on Instagram.

Customizing your video content also allows you to get creative depending on the channel and provides a unique experience everywhere they are shared. All these factors lead to better visibility and get users more engaged with your podcast.


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4. Adapt to Your Audience

Crafting content for a podcast should involve research and dedication to the audience you are trying to reach. Knowing who you’re creating your video marketing tactics for can help make sure that you have the best chance at success. By researching your audience’s likes, dislikes, and other relevant information, you can customize your podcast motivation and production techniques to ensure they’re effective.

Having a deeper understanding of what works with your target demographic will make creating successful promotional videos easier and can help grow your podcast in the long run. By regularly monitoring changes in trends and analyzing what resonates with viewers, adapting to the audience should become simpler over time.

5. Use BTS Content

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) content can be incredibly useful for helping grow your podcast. By providing exclusive “peeks” into the process of creating a podcast and insight into behind-the-curtain moments, you can help create more fans from less avid listeners.

This type of video marketing provides transparency and helps build relationships with people in the podcast industry. It gives current and potential fans a window into what goes on beyond just the audio entertainment they are used to listening to, giving them a closer connection to their favorite podcasts.

Furthermore, behind-the-scenes content can help amass a greater understanding and appreciation for what it takes to create an episode in terms of development, management, vision, hard work, etc. All of this boosts credibility among existing and potential listeners.

6. Use a Clear & Effective CTA

By incorporating visuals such as images and videos of yourself or other visual elements, you can create an engaging experience for potential audiences. A good way to really drive the impact home is by using a strong call to action (CTA) within the video itself.

For example, consider including something like “Click this link now to subscribe!” at key points in the video, guiding viewers on how they can easily tune into your podcast. This clear message works to encourage action, whether it be signing up for a mailing list or following you on social media, thereby helping broaden your reach and expand your podcast audience. A clear CTA is thus an invaluable video marketing tactic that can greatly boost engagement with your content.

7. Use Royalty-Free Music

Using royalty-free music as a video marketing tactic to help grow your podcast can be an effective way to add value to the content you already produce. Instead of searching for how to use copyrighted music on YouTube, royalty-free music sites offer you a safe and easy way to use creative commons music and public domain music to promote your content without having legal repercussions from music owners.

With a wide variety of genres and styles now available, there is no shortage of options for customizing each episode’s audio quality. Not only does this elevate how professional and appealing your podcast sounds, but it also helps provide an extra layer of interest that may attract more listeners. If used correctly, royalty free music can be a powerful tool in growing your podcast and increasing its following. For a more cost-effective way to find background music, you can search YouTube’s audio library for stocking your music library too.

8. Analyze Your Metrics

Analyzing your metrics is a crucial and often overlooked video marketing tactic for growing your podcast. With so much competition online, using audience data to inform how you create, promote and distribute content can help to ensure that you are reaching the right people with timing and messaging that resonates with them.

By taking a holistic view of your data across various platforms and channels, you can get a better picture of the types of videos and messages that will reach your target market, as well as track mid-campaign adjustments to ensure that they are engaging. Effective analytics helps podcast creators streamline their outreach efforts, ensuring visibility in the increasingly competitive audio streaming market.

The Bottom Line

Video marketing is a powerful tool for podcast creators looking to grow their audience and find success in the audio streaming industry. By leveraging different tactics such as BTS content, effective CTAs, royalty-free music, and staying on top of your analytics, you can create more engaging content that speaks to potential listeners, helping you expand your reach and increase subscribers.

And if you’re looking to keep your hands clean and let someone else take care of some of the hard work, you might try some third-party resources for video podcasting and marketing, like Castos Productions. They offer professional hosting plans for video podcasting, both for novices and professionals alike.

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