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Automate Your Private Podcast With Castos’ ConvertKit Integration

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Connecting the tools you use online has always been a key part of creating a seamless customer experience. Not just for you, but to give your audience personalized messaging when engaging with your brand.

The ability for information from your website, email tool, shopping cart, and even internal communications tools has never been more important.

And when it comes to those looking to sell online courses, digital subscriptions, and even physical products, ConvertKit is the tool of choice to be the home base for your customers.

ConvertKit, and ConvertKit Commerce, is an industry-leading tool for tens of thousands of customers to thrive in the Creator Economy.

Tens of thousands of Creators across the world are using ConvertKit as the main hub where they control how, when, and where they communicate with their fans and customers.

And with this new ConvertKit integration you can connect your email marketing automation and eCommerce shopping experience with Castos’ private podcasting.

What do marketing automation and podcasting have in common?

Imagine these scenarios:

  • You sell a new subscription to your online course, and that new student instantly receives a 6 episode podcast series you put together to welcome them to the community
  • You sell a physical product like a book, and your new reader instantly receives an invite to a podcast you put together that talks them through the creative process of you crafting that book.
  • You run a membership site and sell access to it through ConvertKit and Stripe for payments. Those new members get invited to your private podcast immediately upon signing up, and get a personalized welcome message from you, in podcast form.
  • You have some member-only content that is gated on your website. Those members receive a custom event in ConvertKit which subscribes them to the members-only Private Podcast.

All of these can now be entirely automated with Castos’ ConvertKit Integration and Automations Engine.

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But you may be asking yourself, why should I focus on a private podcast for my audience?

The truth is there’s never been more competition for the attention of your audience and customers. Email marketing, blog posts, and even YouTube channels are packed with incredible content, and unfortunately, many of our audience members are beginning to tune some of that out.

But podcasting, and private podcasts, in particular, offer a fresh new way to connect with your audience and your customers.

With a private podcast, you can offer exclusive content just to your students, members, and customers, in a format that is deeply personal (they’re hearing your voice directly) and scalable.

Create this exclusive content once, and distribute it with the confidence that only those who you want to access these podcast episodes will be able to.

Your Private Subscribers will be able to tune into your podcast either via the Castos mobile app, or the podcasting app they’re already using with an individualized private RSS feed.

How The ConvertKit Integration Works With Private Podcasts

You might say “Awesome, sounds like a plan, but how does this magic work?”.

It’s just a few clicks of a button in your Castos dashboard. Here’s a quick walkthrough of how the ConvertKit integration and Castos’ Automations engine work:

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Configuring the ConvertKit Integration

Once inside you can head to the Integrations area and choose the ConvertKit integration.

There you’ll just need to paste in your API key and Secret from ConvertKit.

Add A New Private Subscriber

Then in the Automations area, choose the triggering event from ConvertKit that you want to kick off the process of inviting a Private Subscriber in Castos.

That can include any of the following:

  • Subscriber Activated
  • New Tag is applied
  • Subscriber Sequence Subscribed
  • Subscriber Sequence Completed
  • Subscriber Link Clicked
  • New Form submitted
  • New Purchase occurs in ConvertKit Commerce

When any of those events happen that person will automatically be added to whichever Private Podcast you select from your Castos dashboard.

Removing Private Subscribers

Fortunately, the process works both ways as well. If you have a customer who leaves your online course, stops their subscription to your membership site, or returns a physical product, you can remove those subscribers automatically via the same integration.

Automating Your Private Podcast

Castos’ new ConvertKit Integration makes syncing your favorite marketing automation platform with a powerful Private Podcasting platform. This takes all of the worries of coordinating new members, students, and fans between your email marketing system and your Private Podcasts.

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  1. Hello. I want to know if you allow persons to use podcasting from Anchor on your site using your landing pages?
    I am from the Bahamas, am I able to use your platform for courses? I remember being on the waiting list for that as my country was not included 2 years ago.
    Thank you

    • Hi Marilyn,

      You would have to transition away from Anchor to use one of our landing page templates, but we make the process of switching really straightforward. Feel free to send us an email at [email protected] to learn more.


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