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The Best Podcast Websites Examples of 2023

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A podcast website is an important part of building your brand and growing your audience. In fact, we recommend building a podcast website around the time you start your podcast.

But if you aren’t a web designer, building a website can be overwhelming. What should it look like? What should it say? What features should it include?

In this article, we’ll help you make some of those decisions by showing off the best podcast website examples. 

Podcast Hosting vs Podcast Website

Before we show off the top podcast websites, here’s a quick word about the difference between a podcast host and a website host.

Your podcast host and your website are not the same thing, but you need them both.

Your podcast host is the service that stores your audio files and delivers them to listeners. This is where you upload new content and manage your RSS feed.

If you’re a Castos user, your hosting service is also where you attach ads to your show, collect donations from your audience, and review your podcast analytics.

Your podcast website is the marketing side of your brand. It tells listeners and potential listeners about your show, the host, how to contact you for sponsorship opportunities, and more.

Your fans should also be able to listen to your episodes on your website. Each episode should get its own blog-like page. Each page should include a media player, show notes, episode transcription, and anything else relevant to the episode. 

Can you host your episode files on your website hosting service? 

While it’s possible, we strongly discourage it. Your website host is not optimized for audio files or video files and the requests it will receive from listeners. It’s important to use a dedicated podcast host. 

Why should you create a podcast website?

We go into a lot more detailed in our full guide on creating a podcast website, but here are the main benefits:

  • It ensures your content is always available, even if your show comes unavailable on the major podcast listening apps. 
  • Your website is customized to your brand. You can create a cohesive experience for your listeners. 
  • You can include extra information with each episode, such as notes or a transcript
  • You can use written content to rank your site on Google. This helps more people find your show and your brand.
  • Your podcast can complement the other parts of your brand
  • You can monetize your podcast in countless ways, such as paid content, an ecommerce store, coaching sessions, a membership course, etc. 

With Castos’ Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin publishing podcast episodes right from your WordPress dashboard is a breeze. We removed the need to toggle between multiple platforms to keep your podcast website up to date, saving you time to focus on the content!

The 12 Best Podcast Website Examples

What makes a great podcast website? Let’s look at some examples for inspiration. Here are the best podcast website examples you can learn from.

1. 99% Invisible

The Best Podcast Website Examples: 99% Invisible

99% Invisible is a podcast about how design and architecture influence our world. 

Why this is a great podcast website example:

  • Superb design and bold colors (which is expected since their show is about design)
  • Primary call-to-action sends you right into the latest episode. 
  • Lots of “about” information for new listeners and sponsors to explore.
  • Articles help Google categorize and rank the site (great for new traffic). 
  • Episodes can be sorted into categories which helps with discovery. 
  • Episode pages have lots of great information to convince someone to listen. 
  • The podcast player stuck to the bottom of the screen makes an episode always available.

2. The Friday Habit

The Best Podcast Website Examples: The Friday Habit

The Friday Habit is a podcast full of actionable ideas and optimizations to improve your business. 

Why this is a great podcast website example:

  • The branding on this site is superb. The colors are eye-catching, but not overwhelming. 
  • The home page offers a clear call-to-action and explains why you should listen. They use testimonials and a video to make their case. 
  • The episodes list smartly puts an email opt-in form right at the top to build their audience. (There’s an ebook opt-in on the home page for the same purpose.)
  • The individual episode pages are simple, straightforward, and designed for usability. 
  • Episode show notes are thorough and compelling. 

3. Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz is a unique podcast revealing the stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds.

Why this is a great podcast website example:

  • Totally unique design that stands out from other podcast websites.
  • Logos of press mentions exhibit the brand’s authority and popularity.
  • Episode pages use clever featured images that look great on social media.
  • Well-crafted show notes and episode transcript on each page. 
  • Great idea to attribute the music in each episode. 
  • Merchandise page and donation page are great ways to generate revenue.

4. The NewsWorthy

The NewsWorthy

The NewsWorthy aims to help you enjoy being informed about the world. Each episode offers a round-up of news items in just 10 minutes. 

Why this is a great podcast website example:

  • Simple design makes the site easy to read and use.
  • Great copywriting that describes the show: “Stay informed with quick, unbiased , fun daily news updates. Your mornings just got more productive.”
  • Big buttons to access the podcast on your favorite listening app
  • Lots of information on the about page to learn about the show.
  • Episode pages include a media player, notes, and links from the episode. 

5. Office Ladies

The Best Podcast Website Examples: Office Ladies

Office ladies is a rewatch podcast of the popular show, The Office, hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. They break down each episode and give you behind-the-scenes stories. 

What we like about this podcast website: 

  • Since the hosts are recognizable, it’s smart to put a big photo of their faces front-and-center on the home page. 
  • Podcast episodes have the same name as the individual show episodes, so fan’s know exactly what they’re going to get. 
  • Home page pushes you into the latest episode right away.
  • Episode pages include ample information about the show, including the kinds of behind-the-scenes stories you’ll get.

6. The Ramsey Show

The Ramsey Show

The Ramsey Show is hosted by personal finance expert Dave Ramsey and his team. His podcast also includes a video component that gets streamed live and published to YouTube.

Why we like this podcast website: 

  • The podcast is well-integrated with his other content and products. The user experience is great, especially for someone trying to find information. 
  • Video components are an excellent way to build and maintain an audience.
  • Lots of links to major and minor podcast listening apps.
  • Plenty of information for potential sponsors (which is important because this is a BIG show with a billion lifetime downloads). 
  • Blue colors are typically associated with optimism, reliability, and security. 

7. Artpop Talk

Artpop Talk

Artpop Talk is a show about art history and how it connects with popular culture. They help you see how visual culture plays a part in your life. 

Why we think this is a great podcast website:

  • Superb style and design that exhibits the hosts’ expertise.
  • Primary call-to-action gets you right into the latest episode. 
  • Episode description helps pages rank and helps listeners understand what’s inside. 
  • Aggressive email capture form is great for building an audience. 

8. Being Boss

The Best Podcast Website Examples: Being Boss

Being Boss is an entrepreneurial podcast packed with conversations, mindset tips, and small business resources to support your creative business journey.

Why we think this is a great podcast website: 

  • Clean and simple design. Captivating without overdoing it.
  • Testimonials and press icons make great social proof.
  • Lots of information about the show, the host, the community, and their book.
  • Downloadable resources (courses and guides) extend the value of the show.
  • Each episode has everything it needs: media player, description, notes, links to resources, a full transcription, and links to the major podcast listening apps. 

9. SERP’s Up


SERP’s Up by Wix is a weekly dose of SEO insights with a tinge of fun and something for everyone.

Why we think this is a great podcast website:

  • Clean, but bold design that’s easy to navigate and find information.
  • FAQs about the show are a great way for new listeners to orient themselves.
  • Episode pages include an audio player, description, notes, guest information, and a transcript. Everything is laid out nicely for a good user experience. 

10. On Purpose

On Purpose

On Purpose is a podcast by Jay Shetty, an author, coach, and former monk. He has conversations with some of the most insightful people in the world.

Why we think this is a great podcast website:

  • The podcast page is just one part of a much larger, comprehensive site.
  • Unique style that’s professional, but still engaging. 
  • The main page showcases their most influential and well-known guests.
  • Prominent links to find the show the major listening apps.
  • Latest episodes divided by category for easy exploring.
  • Testimonials/quotes lend authority and trust.
  • Episode page includes a media player and detailed show notes.

11. The Know with Nikki Spo

The Know with Nikki Spo

The Know is a podcast that showcases the experiences of women who are finding and celebrating their inner knowing.

Why we think this is a great podcast website:

  • The home page offers a ton of info about the show and host.
  • Clean design with modern colors.
  • Podcast pages have everything: media player, description and show notes, and links. The memorable quotes and time stamps are also awesome.
  • The “Past Guests” page adds a lot of authority and clout.
  • The blog is a great way to capture traffic from Google.

12. Gabby Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein

On this show, author and international speaker Gabby Bernstein offers up real-time coaching to help listeners through life-changing transformations.

Why we think this is a great podcast website:

  • Well designed site with clever animations (but not distracting).
  • Lots of links to all of her content – podcast episodes, blog posts, book, and her app.
  • Excellent episode list with media players so you can listen without clicking further.
  • Episode pages have custom written content to help listeners learn more about the episode (and from the episode). They also help capture Google traffic.

What the Best Podcast Website Examples Have in Common

We’ve shown you some examples of the best podcast websites, so you have plenty of inspiration to build your own. Here’s a helpful checklist to keep by to ensure that your site meets the same standard as the best podcast websites on our list. 

  • Use an eye-catching design that your audience finds memorable. 
  • Create a unique page for each episode with show notes and full transcription. 
  • Add a media player on episode pages so visitors can listen on the site.
  • Include plenty of links to the show on the major podcast listening apps.
  • Ensure your site is SEO optimized and loads quickly. 
  • Display your episodes in a list with a link to each episode page (just like a blog). 
  • Share information about you and your brand to help listeners decide to listen. 
  • Include social sharing links so your audience can engage with you on social media.
  • Include subscribe buttons to the major podcast listening apps. 
  • Add a page specifically for your sponsors that explains the benefits of podcasting
  • Add some way for listeners, sponsors, and media people to contact you. 

Build Your Own Podcast Website

Hopefully our list of the best podcast website examples has given you enough inspiration to create your own site. If you spend a little time creating a good user experience on your website, you’ll attract lots of new listeners. 

When you’re ready to build your own site, read our full guide on creating a podcast WordPress site. It’s the easiest way to build a site while maintaining full control. 

A WordPress site also integrates with our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin, which lets you upload and manage your podcast directly through your WordPress dashboard. 

Do any of your favorite podcasters have a great website? Link the best podcast website examples that you know of in the comments.

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