Version 1.17: New Podcast Upload and Playlist Parameters

Last updated on May 19th, 2020

Today the Seriously Simple Podcasting team is excited to announce the release of Version 1.17.

This is our second major release in the last 4 months, and as with the previous one this brings with it some really exciting additions and changes to the way we help you manage your podcast.

Here’s a few highlights from the release and how it can help you run your podcast just a little easier.

Upload Progress Bar

The beloved blue update bar at the top of your screen while you’re uploading a new podcast episode file is still there, but as they say we’ve “kicked it up a notch”. In v1.17 we’re now showing a percentage complete for the upload, so you can see how far along your podcast upload is.

Not to worry, we haven’t touched your ability to “edit while you upload”, so you can still write, edit, and refine your podcast show notes while your file is uploading, but now you’ll have a nice indicator of how far along that upload is while you’re writing.

Faster, More Predictable Uploading

The biggest improvement with v1.17 is not just the notification to let you know how far along the file upload is, but how and where the file is uploading.

In the previous version of Seriously Simple Hosting we took advantage of some of the built in file upload mechanisms inside WordPress and moved your podcast files from there over to our backend storage locations.

But in v1.17 we’re bypassing that entirely and allowing you to upload your podcast files straight from your WordPress dashboard straight to our AWS backed storage facilities.

From your perspective as a user there won’t be any difference in your publishing workflow, but you will notice a quicker upload, and will absolutely not run into any upload file limits that are tied to your WordPress install or web hosting provider.

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