Drive more podcast traffic through livestreaming with Ross Brand

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Drive more podcast traffic through livestreaming with Ross Brand

Today on Audience, Matt is talking with live-streaming expert Ross Brand. Ross is a former radio personality, reporter and also a show host. With his deep love for broadcasting in mind, he created the @livestreamuni Twitter account before finally created the website: LivestreamUniverse.com. Through this platform he’s able to highlight brands that produce high quality content as well as broadcasters. He is one of the most noteworthy names and experts in live-streaming because of his passion, expertise, and because he’s so prolific. 

In this episode, Matt and Ross talk about what he has learned about broadcasting through the different formats he has used in his life. Ross goes over some lessons he learned and would like to pass along to new podcasters and live-streamers including tips on equipment, what to prepare before your first broadcast, and how to appear in-control during a livestream.

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • The brand of (Ross) Brand and his history in radio
  • The purpose of podcasting and where video fits in with that
  • How COVID has changed the medium and community
  • Tips for first time podcasters and livestreamers
  • The importance of resetting during a livestream
  • Having control during a livestream
    • How to appear in-control
    • Why this is so important
    • Controlling introductions during roundtable discussions
    • Visual cues during a livestream
    • “What’s in it for the audience?”
  • Timing for livestreams: algorithms versus your schedule
  • Balancing energy to avoid burnout
  • Landing page or link tree for your work


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