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Connect Mastodon, Tiktok, and Goodpods To Your Podcast

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It’s no surprise that the way some of the fastest-growing brands have grown is via social media. Whether that means Twitter, Instagram, or more recent additions to the social media landscape like Tiktok or Mastodon, having a presence on social media for your show is a must.

And today, more than ever, with multi-billion dollar takeovers of popular platforms by individual investors, having your show on multiple platforms helps ensure its longevity over time.

Here at Castos, we hear you and support you in broadening your social media reach by incorporating social profile links to Mastodon and Tiktok, and including Goodpods as a listening director.


Grow your audience and maximize your show’s exposure by learning how to promote your podcast on social media.

Not familiar with these platforms? Here’s a bit of background on each:


Believe it or not, Mastodon has been around for a while. But its popularity has skyrocketed since the buyout takeover of Twitter by billionaire Elon Musk. Many twitter users felt that the platform is not headed in the right direction, and chose Mastodon as an open source, distributed alternative to the now very opinionated Twitter.


Hands down, the biggest rage in digital marketing in the last year has been short form video, and Tiktok has been a huge driver of that. Now places like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and even LinkedIn are offering their versions of short video clips as a content channel.

But Tiktok is still the place to go if you want to grow an audience through short form video.

A lot of podcasters are either publishing audiograms (like you can in Castos’ Growth and Pro plans) or even clipping sections of native video they’re capturing during the recording process, and posting them to Tiktok with great success.

Check out Castos’ Tiktok channel to see a few examples of that in action.


While mainstream listening directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify are great for increasing the reach of your show to a wide audience, sometimes you want to niche down to a more specific target market of indie creators (and their passionate fans). This is really where Goodpods shines!

Goodpods is way more than just a listening app. They’re on a mission to revolutionize how podcast discoverability and recommendations work. To quote their site:

We started Goodpods for those moments when you’re staring at your phone — about to hop in the car or go for a run — wondering what podcast to listen to next, wishing that someone would magically appear with a good recommendation.

Connecting Your Podcast To Mastodon And TikTok

So, you’re ready to increase the reach of your podcast on social media (and the reach of your social media followings from your podcast website), well you’re in luck.

Inside your Castos dashboard there are now areas where you can link out to your social profiles on Tiktok and Mastodon, in addition to the areas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube that’ve been there for years.

Linking To Your Podcast On Goodpods

hen you’re ready to boost the discoverability of your podcast to indie listeners outside of the monolithic platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, make sure your show is listed on Goodpods, and include a subscribe link to it in your podcast website.

The saying goes that you want to reach your audience everywhere they already are. Don’t make it more difficult for a potential new subscriber to follow your show by only offering a couple of directory listings, or social links on one or two platforms. Publish your podcast content everywhere it makes sense to, and where your ideal listeners are already hanging out.

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