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The Top 500 Podcast Search Terms On YouTube

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YouTube recently announced its release of YouTube Podcasts, which is Google’s 4th attempt to really break into the podcasting space in a meaningful way. For a company devoted to organizing the world’s knowledge, it is surprising to many of us in the content marketing field that Google has struggled so much with getting a podcasting channel to really work well.

According to a TechCrunch article, a YouTube spokesperson mentioned

“The podcast destination page on YouTube helps users explore new and popular podcast episodes, shows and creators, as well as recommend podcast content. It’s currently available in the U.S. only.”

Paul Pennigton

This appears to be the middle part of a planned phased rollout by YouTube, with Podnews first reporting on YouTube’s plans around podcasting back in March 2002.

So we decided to look at what the data says about how people search YouTube to interact with podcast-related content.

But first, why should podcasters care about YouTube?

One of the biggest struggles for podcasters is how they can consistently find more listeners. How can podcasters get in front of potential new listeners and let their content speak for itself?

This is the dream of many a content creator.

And podcasting arguably just makes this more difficult than centralized platforms like YouTube or most social media platforms.

Podcast directories like Apple Podcasts have historically been pretty bad at discovery. Spotify (loved or hated in the podcasting industry) does a better job at discoverability because it is more of a closed ecosystem, and has more data about you as a listener, which allows it to create better suggestions, playlists, and channels.

YouTube Podcasts would definitely fit into the latter category. YouTube itself is one of the more insulated content channels out there.

Creators like Mr. Beast have made their millions mostly on YouTube alone, without the complexities of a separate website, email list, products to sell, etc.

And the optimist in me says that creators having their podcasts on YouTube could provide that edge in discoverability that so many of us podcasters are looking for.

Additionally, at this point YouTube does appear to be working with conventional RSS feed technology, deviating from Spotify’s closed ecosystem model for the time being.

Audio Or Video First On YouTube?

One interesting question that content creators will have to answer soon is whether they will continue to be an audio-first medium or become a video-first creator.

Traditionally “most” podcasters have been audio first, leaving video to be an afterthought. Our YouTube Republishing was designed with this use case in mind, in fact.

But more and more we have seen that savvy content creators are going video-first to produce rich video content, mostly for YouTube and social media channels, with audio for a podcast to be somewhat of an afterthought.

An aspect of this has to come down to the difficulty of producing high-quality video. On our YouTube channel Matt from our team puts a TON of time into each episode. Easily 5x the amount of work that goes into a podcast episode. All brands will need to gauge whether that amount of effort is justified.

Podcast Search Data On YouTube

Thanks to our friends at Ahrefs we gathered a list of the 500 most popular podcast search terms on YouTube.

To narrow down just to podcast-related searches we pulled a list of all searches with the term podcast in them. We’ll talk about the potential implications of this approach shortly.

Regardless, we think the results are quite interesting:

RankKeywordUS YouTube SearchesGlobal YouTube Searches
1rush limbaugh podcast179,000187,000
3h3h3 podcast141,000265,000
4h3 podcast83,000180,000
5misfits podcast73,000139,000
6joe rogan podcast64,000103,000
7joe budden podcast61,00086,000
8jenna julien podcast52,00086,000
9rt podcast44,00065,000
10tiny meat gang podcast29,00042,000
12the official podcast26,00042,000
13rush limbaugh podcast today26,00027,000
14fighter and the kid podcast24,00041,000
15bill burr podcast24,00043,000
16mark levin podcast24,00025,000
17views podcast24,00039,000
18the fighter and the kid podcast23,00033,000
19supermega podcast23,00025,000
20call her daddy podcast21,00026,000
21official podcast20,00031,000
22h3 podcast highlights18,00029,000
23rooster teeth podcast17,00027,000
24rob has a podcast17,00021,000
25last podcast on the left16,00020,000
26dan bongino show podcast16,00016,000
27tmg podcast16,00023,000
28mile higher podcast13,00019,000
29logan paul podcast12,00027,000
30offlinetv podcast12,00018,000
31off the pill podcast11,00016,000
32congratulations podcast10,00013,000
33dr drew after dark podcast10,00011,000
34jenna and julien podcast9,90015,000
35co optional podcast9,70018,000
36jocko podcast9,20014,000
37dan bongino podcast9,1009,200
38sleep with me podcast9,1009,700
39stone cold podcast8,80014,000
40your mom’s house podcast8,3009,900
41weapon wheel podcast8,2009,100
42joe rogan neil degrasse tyson podcast8,20015,000
43fruity knitting podcast7,9008,200
44cultaholic podcast7,80018,000
45dead meat podcast6,8007,400
46chernobyl podcast6,60012,000
47mega64 podcast6,5007,400
48how to start a podcast6,1007,200
49michigan podcast5,9005,900
50david dobrik podcast5,8009,000
51triforce podcast5,80014,000
52michael savage podcast5,6005,900
53collider podcast5,6007,300
54theo von podcast5,5007,500
55ten minute podcast5,3007,400
56knuckleheads podcast5,2005,500
57scuffed podcast5,2009,000
58off topic podcast5,1006,300
59ron burgundy podcast5,1005,300
60mark levin podcast today4,8005,000
61steve dangle podcast4,70010,000
62hey btch podcast4,7005,800
63no chaser podcast4,5005,500
64the joe budden podcast4,5005,900
65chris d’elia podcast4,4006,100
66the last podcast on the left4,4004,800
67michael savage podcast today4,3004,400
68baited podcast4,1007,900
69limbaugh podcast4,1004,100
70podcast joe rogan4,0006,600
71conan podcast3,9004,400
72bill burr monday morning podcast3,8004,900
73wtf podcast3,7005,900
74try guys podcast3,6003,800
75joey diaz podcast3,6004,900
76podcast but outside3,6003,700
77through the wire podcast3,6003,700
78big facts podcast3,5003,500
79true crime podcast3,5004,500
80gus and eddy podcast3,5003,600
81if the emperor had a podcast3,4004,000
82tmg podcast highlights3,4003,700
83phil in the blanks podcast3,4003,500
84rush limbaugh podcast today youtube3,3003,300
85offline tv podcast3,3004,000
86pizza party podcast3,3004,100
87real ass podcast3,3003,400
88tom segura podcast3,3004,000
89the misfits podcast3,2003,800
90your moms house podcast3,2004,000
91monday morning podcast3,2004,900
92jre podcast3,2006,100
93impaulsive podcast3,2004,800
94tin foil hat podcast3,1003,300
95mike tyson podcast3,1005,500
96rajj royale podcast3,1003,700
97podcast setup3,0003,500
98not another dnd podcast3,0003,200
99dax shepard podcast3,0003,500
100ymh podcast3,0003,200
101cody ko podcast3,0004,100
102steve austin podcast2,9004,000
103press start podcast2,9002,900
104bill simmons podcast2,9004,500
105bert kreischer podcast2,8003,500
106no frills podcast2,8002,900
107delray misfits podcast2,7003,200
108expanded perspectives podcast2,7003,300
109drinkin bros podcast2,7002,700
110bobby lee podcast2,6004,300
111no chill podcast2,6002,800
112savage nation podcast2,6002,700
113ari shaffir podcast2,6003,300
114tablo podcast2,6002,900
115knitting podcast2,5006,400
116d&d podcast2,5002,900
117nigahiga podcast2,4002,700
118history podcast2,4004,700
119edge and christian podcast2,4003,200
120serial podcast2,4003,300
121co optional podcast animated2,4004,100
122chilluminati podcast2,4002,900
123misfits podcast clips2,4002,500
124eavesdrop podcast2,3002,900
125lore podcast2,3002,800
126rush podcast today2,3002,300
127gilbert gottfried podcast2,3002,400
128scared to death podcast2,3002,300
129funny podcast2,2003,300
130hot breach podcast2,2002,500
131norm macdonald podcast2,2003,400
132fighter pilot podcast2,2002,200
133bully and the beast podcast2,2002,200
134cold ones podcast2,2003,200
135sam harris podcast2,2004,500
13610 minute podcast2,1002,500
137history hyenas podcast2,1002,100
138cimorelli podcast2,1002,700
139nba podcast2,0005,100
140trailer park boys podcast2,0004,200
141craig groeschel leadership podcast2,0002,000
142pka podcast2,0002,800
143dan bongino podcast today2,0002,000
144pcp podcast2,0002,200
145glenn beck podcast2,0002,100
146honeydew podcast2,0002,100
147history of rome podcast2,0002,200
148undisputed podcast2,0002,100
149jnj podcast2,0002,100
150wrestling podcast2,0003,200
151dr phil podcast1,9002,100
152how to podcast1,9002,400
153starting a podcast1,9002,200
154rush limbaugh podcast live1,9001,900
155crime junkie podcast1,9001,900
156ben shapiro podcast1,9002,200
157rogan podcast1,9002,500
158bongino podcast1,8001,800
159gaming podcast1,8003,200
160anime podcast1,8003,300
161pst podcast1,8001,900
162fantasy focus football podcast1,8001,800
163whoreible decisions podcast1,8001,800
164my favorite murders podcast1,8001,800
165comedy podcast1,8002,900
166matt and shane’s secret podcast1,8001,800
167joe rogan podcast on acid1,7001,800
168stone cold steve austin podcast1,7002,300
169red scare podcast1,7001,900
170revolutions podcast1,7001,900
171hey bitch podcast1,7001,800
172game grumps podcast1,7002,100
173office ladies podcast1,7001,700
174sidemen podcast1,6008,300
175chris jericho podcast jon moxley1,6001,600
176sbfp podcast moments1,6001,600
177dunkey podcast1,6001,800
178ryan higa podcast1,6001,700
179last podcast on the left animated1,6001,700
180h3 podcast post malone1,6002,400
181useful idiots podcast1,6001,700
182jordan peterson podcast1,6002,600
183best joe rogan podcast1,6002,400
184rich roll podcast1,6001,800
185mike rowe podcast1,6001,600
186chris jericho podcast1,6002,800
187last podcast on the left live1,6001,800
188spitballers podcast1,5001,500
189cleared hot podcast1,5001,500
190riley reid logan paul podcast but it’s actually good1,5001,900
191ricky gervais podcast1,5006,500
192podcast beyond1,5002,500
193destiny podcast1,5002,400
194new joe rogan podcast1,5001,500
195vorw podcast1,5001,600
196mega64 podcast highlights1,5001,500
197jenna marbles podcast1,5002,200
198andrew yang podcast1,5001,500
199dan bilzerian joe rogan podcast1,5002,100
200meat eater podcast1,5001,600
201dirty mo media podcast1,5001,500
202grocery girls podcast1,5001,800
203elon musk smokes weed on podcast1,5001,700
204stuff you should know podcast1,4001,800
205dnd podcast1,4001,900
206biggerpockets podcast1,4001,400
207paranormal podcast1,4001,900
208laura ingraham podcast1,4001,400
209misfits podcast 11,4001,700
210bunny ears podcast1,4001,500
211chris delia podcast1,4001,700
212roosterteeth podcast1,4002,000
213lance armstrong podcast1,4001,900
214co-optional podcast1,4003,400
215adam carolla podcast1,4001,600
216art podcast1,3001,900
217rt podcast moments1,3002,000
218what’s good podcast1,3008,800
219team never quit podcast1,3001,300
220fitz podcast1,3001,900
221how to make a podcast1,3002,200
222the minorities podcast1,3001,400
223joe budden podcast funny moments1,3001,400
224psychicpebbles podcast1,3001,400
225science podcast1,3002,200
226funhaus movie podcast1,3002,100
227gus johnson podcast1,3001,300
228smosh podcast1,3001,400
229try podcast1,3001,300
230glass cannon podcast1,3001,500
231one piece podcast1,3002,700
232sean hannity podcast1,2001,200
233osrs podcast1,2001,500
234gold squadron podcast1,2001,300
235emma chamberlain podcast1,2001,300
236limbaugh podcast today1,2001,200
237shane dawson podcast1,2002,900
238joe rogan richard rawlings podcast1,2001,200
239best podcast1,2002,200
240schmucks podcast1,2001,600
241solitary confinement podcast1,2001,200
242true geordie podcast1,20017,000
243rush limbaugh show podcast1,2001,200
244rt podcast highlights1,1001,500
245bigfoot podcast1,1001,100
246unzipped podcast1,1001,200
247amazing colossal podcast1,1001,100
248game of thrones podcast1,1002,200
249jenna julien podcast scary1,1001,100
250super mega podcast1,1001,200
251dt podcast1,1001,300
252happy hour podcast1,10014,000
253elon musk podcast1,1002,100
254podcast funny1,1001,300
255the read podcast1,1001,200
256alex jones podcast1,1001,500
257mark levin show podcast1,1001,100
258doug stanhope podcast1,1001,700
259rush limbaugh podcast tish dixon1,1001,100
260jericho podcast jon moxley1,1001,100
261horror podcast1,1001,500
262jim cornette drive thru podcast1,1001,100
263animation podcast1,1001,300
264rush podcast1,1001,100
265last podcast1,1001,100
266cody ko girl defined podcast1,1001,200
267destiny community podcast1,1001,200
268penguinz0 podcast1,1001,200
269wife of the party podcast1,1001,100
270random assault podcast1,0001,000
271podcast intro music1,0001,300
272tiny meat gang podcast highlights1,0001,000
273no jumper podcast1,0001,200
274chicks in the office podcast1,0001,000
275joe rogan best podcast1,0002,000
276funhaus podcast1,0001,900
277callmecarson podcast1,0001,000
278general sam podcast1,0001,100
279neil degrasse tyson podcast1,0002,000
280david so podcast1,0001,000
281grr podcast1,0001,100
282no sleep podcast1,0001,200
283maxmoefoe podcast1,0001,100
284video podcast1,0001,200
285simms and lefkoe podcast1,0001,000
286timesuck podcast1,0001,000
287warhammer podcast1,0001,100
288co-optional podcast animated1,0001,700
289about last night podcast1,0001,100
290podcast music1,0002,200
292spanish podcast1,0001,600
293sourcefed podcast1,0002,100
294crime podcast1,0001,500
295this might get weird podcast1,0001,100
296skip and shannon undisputed podcast900900
297the roommates podcast900900
298cooptional podcast9002,200
299tigerbelly podcast900900
300dan carlin history podcast9001,400
301jericho podcast9001,300
302aubrey marcus podcast9001,200
303duncan trussell podcast9001,100
304firas zahabi joe rogan podcast9001,400
305whitney cummings podcast900900
306ufo podcast9001,200
307chip chipperson podcast9001,400
308naval ravikant podcast900900
309bill burr podcast clips900900
310the herd podcast900900
311bill o’reilly podcast9001,100
312procrastinators podcast9001,400
313shane and friends podcast9001,800
314undertaker stone cold podcast9001,000
315mike savage podcast900900
316sans and isabelle podcast900900
317how to do a podcast900900
318poki podcast9001,700
319tech podcast9001,200
320video game podcast9001,100
321the dollop podcast9001,000
322meateater podcast800800
323podcast unlocked8001,400
324american renaissance podcast800800
325the rush limbaugh show podcast800800
326dude soup podcast8001,400
327conan o’brien podcast800900
328joe rogan podcast joey diaz800900
329how to record a podcast800900
330flagrant 2 podcast800900
331around the nfl podcast8001,200
332jocko willink podcast8001,200
333guys we f ked podcast800900
334swaggersouls podcast800800
335tim ferriss podcast8002,400
336business podcast8001,200
337h3h3 podcast theme800900
338bill burr live podcast800800
339lol podcast700900
340logan paul podcast riley700800
341loud house podcast700800
342sleep podcast7001,000
343audacity podcast tutorial700700
344ninja podcast700700
345gavin mcinnes podcast7001,000
346conspiracy podcast7001,100
347h3h3 podcast post malone7001,400
348ok podcast700900
349chip podcast700700
350french podcast7002,100
351political podcast700700
352talk is jericho podcast700700
353stone cold podcast undertaker7001,000
354wwe podcast7001,400
355nadeshot podcast700700
356cox n crendor podcast700900
357joe rogan podcast alex jones700800
358raccooneggs podcast700700
359supermega podcast 100700700
360steven universe podcast700800
361christian podcast700800
362andrew santino podcast700700
363offical podcast700900
364the procrastinators podcast700900
365japanese podcast7001,700
366h3h3 podcast ghost stories700800
367michael bisping podcast7001,300
368mma podcast7001,400
369pewdiepie podcast7002,000
370brilliant idiots podcast700700
371simon and martina podcast700700
372official podcast psychicpebbles700800
373dean ambrose stone cold podcast7001,200
374major wrestling figure podcast700800
375philip defranco podcast7001,200
376markiplier podcast600600
377dr drew podcast600600
378train by day joe rogan podcast by night6001,000
379joe rogan buck angel podcast600700
380j and j podcast600700
381podcast background music600700
382murder podcast600600
383fpsrussia podcast600600
384garyvee podcast600700
385steve o podcast600700
386science fiction and fantasy marketing podcast600600
387rt podcast 500600700
388offtopic podcast600700
389jim ross podcast600700
390rt podcast playlist600800
391sbfp podcast600600
392josh peck podcast600600
393peter schiff podcast600600
394sports podcast600600
395english podcast6006,700
396star wars podcast600900
397sam roberts wrestling podcast6001,000
398easy allies podcast6001,200
399not another d&d podcast6001,100
4003 peens in a podcast600600
401anchor podcast600600
402broken podcast6002,400
403news podcast600600
404red pill podcast600600
405myths and legends podcast600700
406the offical podcast600700
407reply all podcast600600
408fighter and the kid podcast chris d’elia600700
409david tennant podcast6002,400
410knit podcast600600
411super best friends podcast600700
412h3 podcast bill burr600700
413sean carroll podcast600800
414colt cabana podcast600700
415russell brand podcast6002,100
416tony schiavone podcast600600
417mile high podcast6001,600
418malcolm gladwell podcast600800
419best of rt podcast600800
420h3 podcast theme600600
421asmr podcast600800
422cm punk colt cabana podcast600900
423serial killer podcast600600
424rt podcast compilation500500
425tk kirkland podcast500500
426mac podcast5001,100
427joe rogan podcast clips500500
428cortex podcast500700
429official podcast playlist500500
430h3 podcast jordan peterson500900
431podcast equipment500600
432unslaved podcast500700
433nfl podcast500800
434league of legends podcast500800
435most valuable podcast500600
436podcast microphone500600
437podcast intro500700
438rachel maddow podcast500700
439dirty john podcast500600
440nosleep podcast500800
441fantasy footballers podcast500500
442joe rogan first podcast500600
443the dive podcast500500
444h3h3 podcast idubbbz500700
445monday morning podcast bill burr500800
446kevin smith podcast500700
447sawbones podcast500500
448marc maron podcast500700
449pete holmes podcast500600
450rachel maddow show podcast500500
451jenna julien podcast conspiracy theories500800
452bret easton ellis podcast500800
453writing podcast500500
454rob has a podcast survivor500600
455how to start a podcast on youtube450450
456h3 podcast joji450600
457h3 podcast boogie450600
458game podcast450700
459tony robbins podcast450600
460tgs podcast4501,200
461please stop talking podcast450450
462philosophy podcast450700
463loud mouths podcast450450
464nintendo power podcast450500
465the penumbra podcast450450
466casey neistat podcast450600
467michael rosenbaum podcast450700
468sean hannity podcast today450450
469flat earth podcast450500
470aib podcast4504,200
471joe rogan animated podcast450450
472sleepy cabin podcast450450
473cr1tikal podcast450500
474louis ck podcast450800
475dungeons and dragons podcast450600
476end of the world podcast450700
477android police podcast450450
478blind wave podcast450500
479this american life podcast450700
480idubbbz podcast450800
481college info geek podcast450700
482sng podcast4502,700
483rush limbaugh video podcast450450
484colin cowherd podcast450450
485michigan football podcast450450
486joe rogan experience podcast450450
487mtg podcast450500
488co optional podcast song450600
489levin podcast450450
490h3 podcast dunkey450600
491h3h3 podcast bill burr450500
492secret podcast450450
493savage podcast450450
494chris chan podcast400400
495cup podcast400500
496gilbert gottfried amazing colossal podcast400400
497eddie bravo podcast400800
498music podcast400900
499prozd podcast400400
500monstercat podcast4003,300

The search volumes shown above are for the last 12 months.

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What Does The Data Tell Us?

Most search terms are for shows, not “how to” content

What struck me initially is how virtually all of these search terms are for actual podcasts, and not for How To podcast terms or Best Of category searches.

Many of us use YouTube to learn how to do things, but podcasting seems to buck the trend there with the majority of the search terms being for the actual content, and not educational material.

This would lead you to think that platform-wide YouTube is a discovery opportunity, which is great news for most podcasters.

There are very few similar requests

As you’ll see from the list above there are not a lot of similar keywords being requested. We did not clean up this dataset and de-duplicate the list at all. These are the raw, top 500 search terms on YouTube according to Ahrefs that include the term podcast.

The Search Volume Is High

There is just way more search volume than we expected. How annual search volume compares to channel subscriptions is a question we’re still trying to understand, but it could provide a leading indicator to creators who are looking at how often their brand is searched for on YouTube.

U.S. vs. Global Volume

Podcasting has had higher adoption in the US versus any overseas regions, and the data here supports that. However, it is a reminder that there are very large audiences outside the US that creators should be thinking about when tailoring their messaging, episode content, and community-building approaches.

YouTube vs. Google Search Volumes

In order to put this YouTube search data in context, we wanted to compare the search volumes on YouTube to general Google web searches for the same terms.

Again using Ahrefs for our data source to keep the comparison as similar as possible we’ve correlated the following for the top 100 podcast search terms from YouTube and their corresponding Google Search (worldwide) volumes:

RankKeywordGlobal YouTube VolumeGlobal Google Search Volume
1rush limbaugh podcast187,0001,000
3h3h3 podcast265,0004,000
4h3 podcast180,00025,000
5misfits podcast139,0006,000
6joe rogan podcast103,000200,000
7joe budden podcast86,00023,000
8jenna julien podcast86,000350
9rt podcast65,0001,100
10tiny meat gang podcast42,0002,800
12the official podcast42,0002,600
13rush limbaugh podcast today27,000300
14fighter and the kid podcast41,000500
15bill burr podcast43,00017,000
16mark levin podcast25,00027,000
17views podcast39,0002,800
18the fighter and the kid podcast33,000300
19supermega podcast25,000350
20call her daddy podcast26,00052,000
21official podcast31,000800
22h3 podcast highlights29,000300
23rooster teeth podcast27,0001,000
24rob has a podcast21,0005,600
25last podcast on the left20,00051,000
26dan bongino show podcast16,000150
27tmg podcast23,0003,200
28mile higher podcast19,0004,900
29logan paul podcast27,0006,200
30offlinetv podcast18,000500
31off the pill podcast16,000250
32congratulations podcast13,000700
33dr drew after dark podcast11,000200
34jenna and julien podcast15,000350
35co optional podcast18,0001,200
36jocko podcast14,00013,000
37dan bongino podcast9,20015,000
38sleep with me podcast9,7008,100
39stone cold podcast14,0002,200
40your mom’s house podcast9,9006,100
41weapon wheel podcast9,100150
42joe rogan neil degrasse tyson podcast15,00040
43fruity knitting podcast8,20060
44cultaholic podcast18,00040
45dead meat podcast7,4001,000
46chernobyl podcast12,000600
47mega64 podcast7,400200
48how to start a podcast7,20054,000
49michigan podcast5,9002,700
50david dobrik podcast9,0002,000
51triforce podcast14,0001,600
52michael savage podcast5,90021,000
53collider podcast7,300200
54theo von podcast7,5004,400
55ten minute podcast7,400700
56knuckleheads podcast5,5001,500
57scuffed podcast9,0001,200
58off topic podcast6,300500
59ron burgundy podcast5,3003,700
60mark levin podcast today5,0001,300
61steve dangle podcast10,0002,200
62hey btch podcast5,80020
63no chaser podcast5,500500
64the joe budden podcast5,9001,300
65chris d’elia podcast6,1001,000
66the last podcast on the left4,8009,300
67michael savage podcast today4,4001,200
68baited podcast7,900500
69limbaugh podcast4,10030
70podcast joe rogan6,6001,200
71conan podcast4,4004,000
72bill burr monday morning podcast4,9001,700
73wtf podcast5,9008,200
74try guys podcast3,800250
75joey diaz podcast4,9002,200
76podcast but outside3,7002,800
77through the wire podcast3,700500
78big facts podcast3,5001,500
79true crime podcast4,50067,000
80gus and eddy podcast3,600800
81if the emperor had a podcast4,00090
82tmg podcast highlights3,70010
83phil in the blanks podcast3,50070
84rush limbaugh podcast today youtube3,30010
85offline tv podcast4,000600
86pizza party podcast4,100350
87real ass podcast3,400500
88tom segura podcast4,0002,500
89the misfits podcast3,8001,400
90your moms house podcast4,000450
91monday morning podcast4,9003,000
92jre podcast6,1009,900
93impaulsive podcast4,8004,300
94tin foil hat podcast3,3003,100
95mike tyson podcast5,5004,300
96rajj royale podcast3,70010
97podcast setup3,5006,700
98not another dnd podcast3,2001,200
99dax shepard podcast3,50010,000
100ymh podcast3,2001,900

There are many stark differences here with brand names having much higher search volumes on YouTube than on Google.

Conversely, How To topics and “Best of” category searches (like True Crime below) on Google far outpaced their YouTube counterparts.


There are a few things to keep in mind with this data when thinking about your podcast and its searchability on YouTube vs. Google

  • We used the same data source for both data sets, but could be inaccurate. Ahrefs is the industry standard when it comes to search, but it is still a proxy for Google’s own data, which we don’t have access to.
  • I chose to use the term podcast as a primary keyword selector, but some (many?) don’t use the word “Podcast” in their show title. In this regard, I believe this would have eliminated some podcasts with the word Show or Radio in their name from the YouTube results that could have otherwise ranked high in the results.
  • This data does not consider things like playlists or recommendations when it comes to YouTube consumption habits. Indeed this is not attempting to report on playback time or visibility at all, just the search intent of users.

Your Impressions

What do you see from this data, or what is not here that you’re curious about? We’d love to continue this discussion below in the comments. Drop in a message and let us know what you’re thinking.

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